These Hip Neighborhoods In Vienna Make The Posh City The Coolest


Vienna can feel a little bit posh, like you need to have a hefty wallet to enjoy the finer side of the city. But the Austrian capital’s 7th district neighborhoods offer more for the younger [broker] set.

It’s the Neubau and we’re obsessed with everything you can find in neighborhoods like Spittelberg, MQ and Biedermeier — without ever feeling outclassed and outspent. Neubau isn’t your opera-loving mother’s Vienna and that’s why we love it.

Quaint Streets

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While Vienna’s city center is a stately collection of marble columns and detailed molding, Spittelberg is its more approachable neighbor. The streets are perfect for quiet wandering and make a great introduction to the less palatial parts of Vienna.

Cafe Culture

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Vienna is a city of coffee houses, but we are a world of coffee drinkers. Not to knock the old-school cake and coffee combos (served under sparkling chandeliers), but if you’re looking for something right on the edge of the third-wave trend, Neubau has the shops for you. You’ll find Aussie imports like flat whites at Kaffemik, as well as satisfyingly sourced pour overs. All on this super cool block, made for you by your super cool barista.

Street Art

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The entire 7th District is a design maven’s paradise. There are shops full of avant garde furniture and even cafes where you can buy what you sit on while you sip a matcha latte. But if you’re not in the market for a giant chair to take home, you can still enjoy the murals decorating the walls of the neighborhood.


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Tian Bistro on Spittelberg calls the morning meal a “sharing breakfast.” For just about $20 per person, you get to dine on your own egg plate and share dishes with the table. This includes baked goods (croissants and rolls with avocado, raspberry jam and whipped butter), yogurt bowls (with fresh fruit) and grilled veggies. Plus, you get sweets like port wine marble cake, sweet curd pastry and danishes. Add in a coffee or some bubbly and you have the best way to start your Viennese day.


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Like all cool corners of great cities, Vienna’s Museum Quarter is abbreviated. “MQ” houses the Leopold Museum (traditional art), the Mumok (modern art) and the Kunsthalle (contemporary art). Since MQ is one of the largest cultural areas in the world, it had to create its own way to linger and take it all in. The geometric furniture on the quad are called “Enzis” and make for a great post-brunch lounging spot before tackling the art.

Garden Eating

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Schanigärten is the word for the lovely outdoor dining tradition in Vienna. Amerlingbeisl, in the Biedermeier neighborhood, has one of the most charming courtyards, where you’ll find authentic Austrian cuisine next to hummus plates. Order a glass of wine and toast to the city from inside the ivy-covered walls.