This App Is The Key To Creating The Perfect Road Trip Itinerary

roadtrippers app

Unsplash/Averie Woodard

Roadtripping has entered the digital age with the Roadtrippers app. It can take your itinerary and bring it to the next level by helping you find all of the secret spots you didn’t even know about along your route.

It’s a brilliant concept: You put in your road trip starting and ending points, and then the app tells you about all the cool stuff along the way. You can filter these results to be broad, such as all points of interest, or very specific, such as interesting abandoned places. Each stop is categorized by type of attraction, and you can save the ones you’re most interested in before you hit the road.

roadtrippers app

Unsplash/Ezra Comeau Jeffrey

So if you’re going from Los Angeles to San Francisco and you really want to hit up as many old-school diners as you possibly can, this is the app for you. It’ll highlight all of your options and you can choose from the selection. However, the app only has reviews from other app users, so for hardcore research, you’ll want to pair the Roadtrippers app with other travel research tools like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

You can also use the app to find ready-made itineraries along popular routes so you don’t even have to lift a finger to have a great road trip stretching out in front of you. Once you find an itinerary you like or create one with all of the suggested additions in Roadtrippers, you can share the route with your friends and travel buddies.

The app is free on Android and iOS devices but needs an internet connection to load all of the best spots. So if you’re headed to a remote destination, it’s better to do your searching before you start your drive.


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