Daily Fit 4/18/19: Protect Your Joints In HIIT Class

Protect your joints in HIIT class


Health Tip of The Day: Landing with proper form can keep your joints protected during HIIT class.

Why It Matters: High intensity interval training — a form of exercise that lets you bang out an intense, full-body workout in 30 minutes or less — is ideal if you’re a busy bee who is pressed for time and still trying to stay fit. The trouble is that if you’re doing HIIT training multiple times a week, all those burpees and jumping jacks end up putting a lot of stress on your joints and without the proper from, this could lead to injuries. Luckily, there are some techniques that you can use to better protect your joints and prevent injury during your fave HIIT class.

How To Do It: Some of the most common HIIT-related injuries involve the knees and ankles. These injuries often occur when people are landing during explosive movements and popular plyometric exercises like box jumps. When it comes to safeguarding your knees and ankles during these moves, make sure that you’re landing softly on the balls of your feet first and then lowering your heels down with control, sitting back into a squat to absorb the movement. Landing from a jump with all the weight exclusively in your heels could send a shock through your joints, increasing your risk of injury. Protect your knees by keeping them in a soft bend, not locked. During exercises like burpees and jump squats allow your core and hips to do most of the work instead of solely absorbing your weight with your quads. [Well+Good]

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