This Is The Real Reason Why Couples Work Out Together


When you notice a couple decked out in trendy athletic gear jogging through the park together, what goes through your mind? Do you reach for your phone to post a #couplegoals Insta story? Stare on with a little envy maybe? Pretend to wretch in the nearest garbage can out of disgust for this real-life rom-com? Well, they probably aren’t trying to elicit any of these reactions from a passersby.

According to a survey of the Brooks Running online community, a whopping 81 percent of couples choose to run with their partners so they can simply spend more time together. It’s not about public image or even getting a little competitive edge — it’s all about those precious, quality minutes that can be so hard to grasp in our world today.

And, unsurprisingly, couples who work out together enjoy a solid, built-in support system for all kinds of health-focused goals. They enjoy a guaranteed sense of accountability, bond even more by trying new fitness trends together and even connect on a deeper emotional level. After all, common interests go a long way in the language of love.

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So if you’re part of a twosome this Valentine’s Day, grab bae and get sweaty. If you’re flying solo, maybe it’s time to highlight your healthy lifestyle goals on your dating profile rather than your devil-may-care approach to life so you can connect with others who share similar values. And if you have no intention of leaving the single life behind anytime soon, own it, grab your bestie and head to a fun, new class!