This To-Go Charcuterie Board Comes In A Convenient Cone

portable cheeseboard pike place


There’s a portable charcuterie board that’s sold in a cone in existence and it’s pretty damn convenient. In our opinion, one of the best parts about sharing a cheeseboard with someone is slowly sipping on wine while you both eat away at the meats and cheeses and talk about life, but hey, convenience comes first. 😉

DeLaurenti Food and Wine — located at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington — sells all of the contents of a charcuterie board in a to-go cone, so you can forget about leisurely wine and dining.

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Inside of this portable cone, you’ll find olives, breadsticks, prosciutto, salami bites and cheese. The $8 cone is perfect for snacking and multitasking while you’re browsing through Seattle’s iconic marketplace.

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DeLaurenti Food and Wine has over 250 cheeses from all around the world. None of the cheeses are pre-cut, so you’ll get to order everything exactly the way you like it. These charcuterie board cones are perfect for people who prefer savory over sweet. While your friends are all getting ice cream, you can blissfully eat your meat and cheese.

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