This Is What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You


For a lot of us, cheese is a way of life. It’s a comfort food, a picnic food, a holiday food, a snack food and everything in between.

We all have that one cheese that’s our go-to when we need to bring something to a dinner party or we’re making a quick, late-night grilled cheese. And your preference in cheese says something about the way you live your life. Let’s call it your spirit cheese, shall we? Here’s what your selection says about your personality.



With a delicate cows milk cheese like burrata or mozzarella, you like to keep things simple. Since fresh mozzarella has a mildly creamy and salty taste, you’re able to enjoy all of the other flavors in your food. If this is your go-to cheese, chances are you’re a low-key person who can appreciate the finer things in life.



Brie lovers come in clutch at dinner parties, and they’re the perfect people to invite to romantic picnics. If you’re a fan of brie or any of the gooey, velvety smooth cheeses, you’re someone who likes to enjoy themselves. You’re all about savoring the moment and taking your time. Also, since a piece of brie cheese is the best when it’s had the chance to become a little soft on the inside, someone with patience is best for this cheese.



A cheddar cheese lover is someone you can count on. You’re the kind of person who orders a cheeseburger when your friends get pasta. You’re afraid of going out of your comfort zone and you usually stick to what works. If you’re a cheddar cheese lover, chances are you dabble with American cheese as well because you’re all about practicality and American cheese — let’s be honest — melts likes no other.



If you’re into gouda, you have a little bit of an edginess and you like to change it up. Gouda is a semi-hard cheese with a flavor that can vary widely. It could be mild and creamy or hard and crumbly with a deep flavor. Gouda fans have a little bit of a sweet tooth since this Dutch cheese has a slightly fruity and sweet taste that increases with age.



For those who love to be in the kitchen, parmesan cheese is your trusted sidekick. If you were going to compare parmesan cheese to a person, it would be that friend you could take anywhere and they’d be the life of the party. Parmesan works in just about any scenario. It’s not the best for melting, but it’s light and airy with a nutty taste that can be grated over pretty much anything.



The feta lover is someone with spunk and energy. With its salty, tangy, crumbly and creamy texture, feta looks low key but packs in a ton of personality.



The salty, veined, Italian blue cheese can be either buttery, firm or crumbly. Gorgonzola has an overall pungent and funky taste. If you consider yourself to have a strong personality that overwhelms people at first but grows on them after some time, you’re a gorgonzola person. You’re a bold trendsetter and don’t care who knows it.

Pepper Jack


Pepper jack comes from Monterey jack, but it’s flavored with sweet peppers, rosemary, habañero chilies and sometimes garlic and spicy jalapeños for an extra kick. If pepper jack is your go-to cheese for breakfast wraps, sandwiches and burgers, you’re probably someone who plays it safe but also has a spicy side.



This semi-soft cheese from Spain is pale yellow in color with a fruity, nutty and tangy taste. Manchego cheese lovers are probably on the loveable and silly side. You’re easy to get along with and you bring a lot to the table.

Goat Cheese


Creamy goat cheese has a noticeable tang and works just about anywhere from salads to grilled cheese to mac ‘n’ cheese to avocado toast. If goat cheese is your thing, you’re probably someone who is generous, reliable and always there for your friends. You rather do things with a friend or a partner than on your own. Goat cheese has a mild flavor that can enhance all kinds of dishes, but on its own, it’s not the boldest cheese in the bunch — and that’s entirely okay.