You Can Now Wear The Same Underwear For Weeks Without Being Totally Disgusting

organic basics silver underwear

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Have you ever wished that you could just keep wearing the same pair of undies for days and days without having to worry about things like hygiene or infections or, you know, social grace? Honestly, us neither. Ew. But it turns out that the right design and the right materials can keep you feeling fresh and help out the environment in the process.

Sustainable fashion brand Organic Basics recently debuted a new line of underwear, undershirts and socks for both men and women that can be worn over and over… and over again before requiring washing. It’s all due to the company’s SilverTech 2.0 technology, which weaves silver into its intimate fabric, effectively killing 99.9 percent of bacteria.

In general, all of the clothing made by this Denmark-based company uses 100 percent recycled materials. Are you sensing a theme here? Yep, they’re concerned about the environmental footprint the fashion industry has made thus far and is hyper-focused on finding ways to minimize it.

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“Our business is sustainable fashion,” CEO and co-founder Mads Fibiger told Business Insider. “The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources. And it is extremely harmful to the environment.”

Their approach to apparel is simple: use quality materials that last longer so people don’t feel compelled to throw out their clothes as often, and minimize the frequent need for washing to save both water and electricity.

Now, the clothes aren’t cheap — a set of two hipster undies goes for DKK 349 (or $56 if you don’t speak in Danish Krones) — but when you approach fashion sustainably, the costs do end up evening out elsewhere.

The lack of bacteria and odor still doesn’t make us want to keep the same pair of panties on for days at a time. But hey, it’s your booty. You do you. 🍑

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