5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


When it comes to being kind to the earth, you know about recycling and using public transportation when possible, but what about the little things you can do in everyday life? You’d be surprised to find that there are a number of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint without barely lifting a finger or drastically changing your life. Try these five improvements and make a difference.

1. Eat locally when you can or visit your farmer’s market for produce.

Approximately 13 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and transport of food, so buying fruit from the other side of the country doesn’t help the earth. Buy your fresh produce and other foods locally as frequently as possible. So why not hit up your local farmer’s market?

2. Cut down on beef and dairy.

It takes a lot of resources to raise and feed cows, process meat and bottle and package milk. Also, it’s not good for the earth to choose beef imported from places like Brazil, where tropical forests are cleared so cows have room to grow.

3. Go paperless with your bills and properly dispose of junk mail.

According to the Carbon Fund, energy used to produce, deliver and dispose of junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 2.8 million cars per year. That. Is. Insane. Going paperless will significantly cut down on emissions, and make the earth a little happier. Make an extra effort to recycle your junk mail and cancel any subscriptions you don’t want or need.

4. Get out of the shower just two minutes earlier.

Researchers at Boston University found that on average, Americans use 25,300 gallons of water each year. If you cut your shower by two minutes, you can save 10 gallons of water per shower. Make an ever bigger impact by turning off your shower while you soap up!

5. Reuse your grocery bags every chance you get.

The amount of plastic bags and plastic garbage thrown into the oceans each year kill approximately one million sea creatures. Reusing your plastic grocery bags is as easy as remembering to bring them. Then you shop and you’re done!