The Best Things To Buy On Sale Now That The Holidays Are Over

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After the intense holiday shopping season, you might not even want to think about stepping foot in a store or ordering off of Amazon. However, now’s the time to buy certain items or experiences because you can save a pretty penny before the rest of the year gets underway. Here’s what to buy in January.

Christmas Decor

Obvious? Yes. Crazy? No. Stock up on all of that wrapping paper, extra lights, gift bags, garland and more in prep for next year. Christmas decor never really looks dated, so your home won’t feel stuck in 2018 if you buy those decorations now and use them for years to come. According to DealNews, you could end up saving 50 to 85 percent off holiday items, with Lowes even selling string lights for as little as $2 a pop last year.


Known as “Wave Season,” January through March is a great time to book a cruise vacation. According to Cruise Critic, the new year is the time when cruise lines offer lots of booking promotions, like free upgrades, fare discounts and more.

Pro Tip: To save even more money on your big boat trip, try booking on a Thursday.


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January is often known for its “White Sales.” Think pillows, sheets, comforters, linens and more, all at a discounted price. With the new year comes a brand new bedroom, all on sale. Check out stores like Macy’s, Overstock and Wayfair. Last year, DealNews saw sales at those stores and more with up to 70 percent off the regular prices.

Broadway Tickets

Broadway Week runs from January 21 to February 11, 2019, so don’t miss out on those ticket sales if you’re able to get to New York City for a show this year. Tickets go on sale starting January 9, and are two-for-one tickets, so you know you’ll be saving a ton on that musical.


Now, electronics are usually deeply discounted before the holidays, so if you already bought a new TV, we totally get it. However, if you didn’t yet and really want a big screen, January is a great time to shop. With the Super Bowl around the corner, TVs will surely be on sale in time for the big game. According to NerdWallet, last year BestBuy, Target and Amazon offered great deals on TVs.

All Things Fitness

new years sales fitness

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With new year’s resolutions in full swing, gym memberships, fitness equipment and apparel will surely be on sale. Keep an eye out for gyms and fitness clubs that are waiving annual fees, fitness equipment on sale with 0 parent financing and more.

Pro Tip: To save even more money, pay for your gym membership with a rewards credit card to earn points, miles or cash back every month. Even better, sign up at a gym that allows you to freeze your membership if you find you’re not using it. The gym will stop charging you the monthly fee while the account if frozen (though it may charge you a smaller monthly fee to freeze the account). As soon as you want to go back, you can unfreeze it and start paying full price again.

Hotel Stays

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing getaway, now’s the time to book that hotel stay. According to DealNews, hotels may offer up to 20 percent off stays during the non-holiday season. Skip the weekends around Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend and Presidents Day, and you could enjoy a luxurious stay in a hotel for a budget-friendly price.

Pools And Hot Tubs

new years sales pool


Okay, so you’re probably not going to use the pool in the month of January if you live in a cold-weather climate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping for spring break and beyond. Pools and hot tubs are often on sale in the winter, according to SmartAsset, and you might even be able to have it installed and ready to roll come summer.

National Park Visits

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is January 19 to 21, and with it comes time off from school and potentially work. Instead of staying home, take the opportunity to explore a U.S. National Parkentry is free on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. You’ll save a little money while also making memories.


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