Halo Top Releases Creative New Flavors And You Have To Try Them


If you’re not already aware, Halo Top is shaking up the ice cream industry with its indulgent, low-calorie, high-protein pints that come in a variety of flavors. We taste-tested the original 17 a few months ago and ranked them based on their deliciousness. Now, seven new flavors have arrived, and obviously, we tried them all.

The flavors — Candy Bar, Mochi Green Tea, Cinnamon Roll, Caramel Macchiato, Rainbow Swirl, Chocolate Covered Banana and Pancakes & Waffles — offer distinct tastes for just about every palate. Each new flavor is available on shelves now at grocery stores.

We we have a few favorites, of course. Cinnamon Roll is as cinnamon-ey as you can get while Caramel Macchiato is creamy, not too sweet and it has a good balance of coffee. Candy Bar tastes like a Snickers bar, so you really can’t go wrong with it.

Though Pancakes & Waffles isn’t exactly for us, it’s perfectly true to taste — it tastes just like pancakes and waffles! Breakfast lovers and those with a serious sweet tooth will likely enjoy it.

Whether you’re a seasoned Halo Top fan or interested in enjoying your first pint, the new flavors are definitely worth a try.

A special thanks to Halo Top for sending the flavors over!