You Can Now Get Your Daily Dose Of Omega-3s In Chicken

Murrays Omega-3 IQ Chicken


When people talk about the good fats, they’re often referring to omega-3 fatty acids. While we usually look to fish as a primary source of these healthy fats, Murray’s chicken now makes thighs, breasts, drumsticks, legs and wings with naturally occurring omega-3s.

Your body needs these healthy fats to function, and they’re known for a ton of health benefits like fighting depression and anxiety, improving your eye health, reducing inflammation, alleviating menstrual pain, improving sleep quality and preventing acne.

These chickens are the first in the industry to be given the Certifed Humane label, and they’re fed an all-vegetarian flaxseed-based diet, along with multi-vitamins, so the protein itself is naturally packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Murrays Omega-3 IQ Chicken


The best part: Murray’s Omega-3 IQ chicken won’t make any more of a dent in your wallet than the regular chicken in your grocery cart. The chicken legs cost $3.89 per pound, the chicken wings cost $5.89 per pound, the boneless and skinless chicken breasts cost $10.99 per pound and the whole chickens cost $4.99 per pound.

You can buy Murray’s chicken online here. If you’re someone who’s not crazy about cooking fish at home, these poultry options could be an easy way for you to get in those essential healthy fats without really trying..


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