10 Adventurous Foodies Can Hike To This Pop-Up Restaurant On Mount Everest

mount everest pop up restaurant

Unsplash/Ananya Bilimale

One pop-up restaurant will literally take cooking to new heights.

Several intrepid chefs are creating a restaurant at Everest Base Camp, elevation 17,600 feet. And they need 10 adventurous foodies to assist in the process.

It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for all participants. The chefs (a team including Michelin-starred Vineet Bhatia) plan to trek from Lukla, Nepal to Everest Base Camp at the end of May, collecting local ingredients as they trek. The diners will follow in their footsteps to make the experience even more immersive. No matter what, though, the shortest hike to the camp is eight days long, so guests have to be as hungry for a challenge as they are for the food.

The restaurant project, named Triyagyoni, is a statement about sustainability, highlighting local ingredients. Since the diners will be eating at such a high elevation, the chefs will combat the added challenge of lower flavor perception. Their solution? Local spices.

mount everest pop up restaurant

Unsplash/Yuriy Rzhemovskiy

In case you’re worried about waste, the chefs have made it clear nothing will be left on the mountain. Even the furniture where guests will eat won’t leave a trace.

The chefs are going for a Guinness World Record for the restaurant pop-up held at the highest elevation ever.  Another chef did create a restaurant at base camp in 2016, but he didn’t register it with Guinness.

To participate in this once in a lifetime adventure, it’ll cost you $5,600 (all proceeds benefit human rights charity, the Heart for India Foundation). That includes flights, accommodations, all meals and the helicopter journey down from the mountain. You can also choose to take a helicopter up, but where’s the fun in that?


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