Oreo’s Newest Cookie Is Packed With An Outrageous Amount Of Cream

most stuf oreos

Flickr/Steven Depolo

Forget about Double Stuf Oreos. The iconic cookie brand’s latest creation is all about the amount of icing inside and makes Double Stuf look like minor leagues. Dubbed “Most Stuf Oreos,” these packed cookies should be hitting shelves sometime soon, so keep your eyes on the prize.

Nabisco hasn’t released full details yet, but judging from the photo, it looks like these Oreos are going to be filled with about triple the amount of icing. That means you won’t have to pull apart cookies and stack them together to get a little extra cream anymore. Each cookie will have more than enough icing on its own to satisfy your sugar cravings.


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Let’s cross out fingers that these babies come into our lives sooner rather than later. We’ll be waiting with glasses of milk in hand.


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