Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel Is An Instagram Fave

marina bay sands

Unsplash/Jacob Peters Lehm

You may have seen the Marina Bay Sands Hotel infinity pool on Instagram. Or you may have spotted the luxury hotel at the end of rom-com “Crazy Rich Asians.” No matter how you heard of the hotel, you gotta know it’s a splurge. But just how feasible is it to visit the Marina Bay Sands? We’ve got the scoop.

The cheapest room we found at the Marina Bay Sands is about $323 for two people. That’s pretty up there in cost. For that price ($163.50 per person per night), you get WiFi, infinity pool access, fitness center access and more. You can also choose to have a room that faces the Singapore skyline.

marina bay sands

Unsplash/Chen Hu

The digs here are pretty slick. There’s a nightly light show at the infinity pool, there are shopping boutiques connected by water canals and there are even Broadway-type theater shows put on right at the hotel.

And that Insta-famous, movie set-worthy infinity pool? It’s actually the biggest in the entire world, stretching nearly 500 feet across the roof.

However, if $300 is still a little steep for you, there’s another option. You can’t swim in the infinity pool — that’s reserved for hotel guests — but you can go up to the Sky Deck and take in the view for a fee. It’s about $17 per person, a tiny fraction of what it would take to stay there overnight.


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