The Keto Dieter’s Ultimate Guide To Thanksgiving

keto Thanksgiving dinner


At first glance, Thanksgiving probably seems like the least keto-friendly food-centric holiday out there. We’re constantly surrounded by comforting carbs and sugar, making it impossible to eat anything other than the freaking turkey… or so we thought. From the appetizer spread to the dessert selection, you can indulge in all of your favorite Thanksgiving flavors while still adhering to your surprisingly restrictive diet if you know how to navigate the dinner table and bring a few dishes of your own, prepped keto-style. Here are all the things we expect the expert keto folks out there to include in their feast of gratitude this year.

For Starters: Devilled Eggs & Charcuterie

Eggs loaded with mayonnaise, cured meats and smoky cheeses? Sounds like a major fat bomb to us — and music to a keto dieter’s ears. As long as you keep your portion size in check, these apps are all on the table for you and don’t require recipe alterations, either.

The Main Event: Oven Roasted Turkey With Gravy

keto Thanksgiving dinner


We know, we already told you the turkey was fair game. But if you skip the flour in the gravy and make it a super rich, buttery sauce instead, you can also douse your drumstick in the good stuff. Thankfully, butter is most definitely not a carb (in case you’re still wondering, Regina George).

A Keto Twist On A Classic: Cauliflower Stuffing

If stuffing is one of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, offer to bring it to your feast this year so you can swap the chunks of carb-laden bread for magical cauliflower. The vegetable will absorb all of the herbaceous flavors of the dish, giving you the tradition you crave and nixing the carbs you can’t have.

The Indulgent Veggie: Cream Cheese-Loaded Green Bean Casserole

keto Thanksgiving dinner


Whoever said green bean casserole didn’t count as a vegetable and most definitely wasn’t healthy never tried the keto diet before. At its core, green bean casserole is really just a blend of low-carb veggies, cheese and breadcrumbs. So trade the breadcrumbs for, dare we say, more cheese, and you’re bound to be in keto heaven. (Some people even crumble pork rinds on top for that desired crunch factor.)

Bring On The Bacon: Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Bacon? Good. Veggies? Good. Bacon-wrapped veggies? Gooooood. And as a seasoned keto eater, these fatty strips of pork are already a beloved staple in your diet, so go ahead and make them part of your Thanksgiving scene as well. You just might convince your uncle that your new lifestyle isn’t so crazy after all.

Faux Potatoes: Butter & Herb Cauliflower Mash

keto Thanksgiving dinner


Cauliflower comes to your rescue again when assuaging your homestyle mashed potatoes craving. Simply use this cruciferous veggie in lieu of the famous tuber and load that dish up with all the butter your heart can handle. Any herb blend you prefer will work just fine, too.

Don’t Forget Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin pie is drowning in carbs and sugar, but its cheesecake cousin, on the other hand, is pure, fatty goodness. Make the crust with almond flour to be safe from the scary carbs, load the cream cheese filling with your housemade blend of pumpkin pie spice and slice away.

Now that’s a meal worth feeling grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving, keto peeps!

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