The Keto Diet Done Right Can Boost Your Skin Health In Major Ways

keto diet skincare benefits

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If you’ve been following the keto diet conversation over the past year or so, then you know that this massive upheaval of your standard eating routine can lead to some pretty gnarly side effects. It’s not uncommon to experience the “keto flu” (or a total lack of energy from carb deprivation), imbalanced gut health, seriously bad breath and more. However, following a keto diet that leans into more plant-based fat and protein sources, as opposed to animal products, can work wonders for your skin health.

We spoke with registered dietician and wellness influencer Leah Silberman about how to go about going keto in this super healthy way and why it actually results in clear, glowing skin. Here’s some of her top nutrition advice you can use (whether you’re keto or not, TBH).

Be picky about your fat sources.

Sorry, team, but bacon isn’t about to give your skin that celebrity makeover you want. Instead, opt for healthy sources of fat like nuts and nut butters, seeds, avocados and full-fat dairy products.

“Foods like nuts and dairy are also typically good sources of protein, so you get both healthy fat and protein from eating them,” said Silberman. “One of my favorite snacks is a half a cup of Muuna cottage cheese topped with crumbled walnuts and cinnamon.”

No, dairy isn’t exactly plant-based, but when you opt for organic, carefully sourced options, you can take advantage of these nutritional powerhouses without suffering any dietary consequences.

keto diet skincare benefits

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Watch your skin say, “Thank you!”

The fatty foods Silberman recommended above are loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, which help to build the cell membranes that serve as the fundamental building blocks of your skin. And according to WebMD, these polyunsaturated fats also help to create your skin’s natural oil barrier, which is what keeps your skin hydrated, plump and looking young at any age.

Beyond these core components, the different healthy fat sources are rich in other vitamins and minerals that keep your skin happy as well. For example, Silberman pointed out that avocados are excellent sources of vitamin E and potassium, both of which promote a healthy (not to mention pretty) complexion.

Even after opting for high-quality fats when following the keto diet, it’s critical that you stay mindful of how you’re sourcing all of the other nutrients your body (and skin specifically) needs to thrive. The dramatically skewed fat-to-protein-to-carbs ratio — 80:15:5 — used to induce a state of ketosis can ultimately deprive you of important macronutrients (and the benefits they have to offer) if you aren’t careful. So put as much energy into sourcing quality protein and the limited amount of carbs you do eat as you do with picking your fats, and you’ll glow from head to toe.


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