If You’re Thinking About Jumping On The Jade Rolling Trend, Read This First

jade rolling


Anyone with an Instagram account has stumbled across the holistic skincare trend that is jade rolling. The devices look like miniature paint rollers, but where you’d expect to see sponges, you have two pieces of smooth, oblong jade stone of different sizes on either end. And the way it works seems pretty foolproof: just apply gentle pressure as you roll the jade stones from the center of your face in upward and outward motions.

The technique dates back to ancient Chinese massage practices, but the question today still stands — why would you spend your time and money on this stone-based skincare ritual? Here’s what you should know about jade rolling before jumping into the trend yourself.

It can help with depuffing.

In general, facial massage and stimulation can promote improved circulation. This, in turn, can help assist the lymphatic system with more efficient drainage, leaving your skin with a pretty, healthy glow. It’s also 100 percent natural and chemical-free, so unless you’re pressing really hard on your face, the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t see much of a difference in how luminous your skin looks.

It won’t change the way your skin absorbs serums and other products.

Some proponents believe that jade rolling after applying your facial serums and creams of choice, the massaging motion helps the skin better absorb your various treatments. However, that evidence is anecdotal at best. The jade stone may help to evenly distribute products over your skin, but it doesn’t change how open or constricted your pores are to then impact absorption rates. So don’t get too excited about this supposed perk.

At the very least, they give you a nice face massage.


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All else aside, jade rolling simply feels good. The stone is cool and smooth, which can feel relaxing after a long, stressful day. The repetitive rolling motions can help you tune out from the other things demanding your attention and just enjoy its soothing effects. It’s the cool gel eye mask and chilled cucumber rounds of 2018, and we certainly don’t consider that kind of self-care to be a waste of time.

So with that said, if you’re ready to give jade rolling the old good college try, head over to Amazon to easily snag one for under $20. Massage your face with the roller, using the larger end for wider spots like your cheeks and forehead and the smaller end for more sensitive spaces like the skin around your mouth and eyes. Five minutes at a time twice a day will do the trick. It’s best to jade roll after washing your face and applying any serums or moisturizers you typically use.

Oh, and just keep it rolling in upward and outward motions. Otherwise, you’ll be promoting awkward puffiness rather than alleviating it.


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