7 Easy Ways To Sell Used Furniture Without Creepy Craigslist

how to sell used furniture online

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Moving to a new city (or even the other side of town) can be an extremely stressful experience. You need to worry about movers, landlords (no, I will not delay my move-in date, for the third time) and what to do with all of the furniture that is not going to fit into your new “small but chic” apartment. 

As your move date gets closer, your anxiety around what to do with all of your reject furnishings grows stronger and desperation causes some of us to turn to the one place that’s less regulated than the internet itself: Craigslist.

Sure, you could try your hand at listing furniture on the dreaded website, only to succumb to endless texts and phone calls with questionable “potential buyers” who will later come over to “check out” the listed item, hit on you inappropriately and walk off empty-handed. However, now that there’s literally an app for everything and a startup on every corner, you don’t have to rely on Craig anymore.

Inspired by one of our own editor’s upcoming move across state lines (and anxiety regarding her furniture that won’t be going along for the adventure), we decided to round up a list of easy-to-use apps and quick services that will help you sell your furniture so that you no longer have to deal with Creepy Craig (or just toss perfectly good housewares to the curb).

1. Route 66 Furniture

This online, hassle-free, virtual store helps you both buy and sell used furniture. Submit photos of your furniture along with details about it, and the company will contact you within one business day to schedule a pickup. The delivery team will meet you at your home at the agreed upon time to pick up your furniture. You’ll get paid for it once the furniture is sold to a prospective buyer. The company charges a consignment fee of 50 percent, meaning that they’ll get 50 percent of the total price of each furniture item upon selling it.

2. AptDeco

This New-York based startup is dedicated to helping you buy and sell used furniture without the hassle and creepiness of Craigslist. The site allows you to post pictures and details of your furniture for free. Within 24 hours, the AptDeco team will help you by enhancing your pictures and adding trendy design lingo that makes it even more marketable. Only if your item is sold, the company will charge you between 19 and 29 percent of the selling price (the higher the price of your item, the lower the percentage deducted will be). The AptDeco delivery team will only pick up your item once an offer has been made, and they will deliver it directly to the buyer. Once your item is delivered to the seller, payment will be deposited into your account within two to five business days.

3. Chairish

Do you have vintage furniture or a weird piece of art that you’re looking to get rid of? Chairish will be happy to take it off your hands. This app will easily let you list any item you want to sell. Just snap a pic of it, write up a brief description and easily upload it to the app’s interface. When your item listing is approved by the team, it will be added it to Chairish’s virtual marketplace. Once a buyer purchases your item online, you’ll receive 80 percent of the item’s sale price. Charish will also arrange the shipping of the item, meaning that they will come to pick up your furniture directly from your home at a time that’s convenient for you.   

how to sell used furniture online

Unsplash/Timothy Buck

4. Apartment Therapy Marketplace

You know Apartment Therapy as the interior design advice blog that your home decorating queen of a friend follows religiously. But did you know that the website also offers a place for users to buy and sell furniture? You can easily join the Apartment Therapy Marketplace by setting up a virtual “store” online and filling out your profile. Any furniture you upload to the website’s virtual store will be added to Apartment Therapy’s local listings and weekly digest. The site will charge you 6 percent commission.

5. OfferUp

This user-friendly app makes it easy to buy and sell furniture locally. Take a picture of the item you want to sell and upload it to the app’s marketplace in less than a minute. You can either sell your items to locals in your area or folks across the country since the app offers nationwide shipping. Once your item is sold, you’ll get paid in full except for a 7.9 percent fee collected by the app.

6. Etsy

After your failed attempt at selling homemade jewelry, you’re very familiar with this app. But did you know that you can now also open your own Etsy shop to sell used furniture? A bonus of selling your furniture on Etsy is their automatic deposits. Once you’ve sold one of your items, your payment will automatically get deposited into your account, minus a 3.5 percent transaction fee. The Sell on Etsy App makes it easy for you to edit listings and respond to potential buyers on the go.

7. Furnishare

This service allows you to list items for free without having to create a lengthy profile. It will take up to one business day for the Furnishare team to review your items. The team will pick your furniture up directly at your home within one to two business days after expressing interest. The company will keep your furniture in a warehouse until it sells. Once it sells, you’ll get up to 40 percent of the sale proceeds. If your item doesn’t sell within four months of its initial listing, the company will donate or recycle the item if you don’t want it back.


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