7 Amazing Apps That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Roommate

best apps for roommate search

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As the school year comes to an end and many students (and recent grads) move to new cities for summer jobs and internships, the search for the perfect roommate is officially on.

Maybe you’re looking to join an already-existing squad by renting out a room in your dream apartment. Or maybe you’ve already found your dream apartment and all that’s left on your to-do list is to find a roommate that loves SoulCycle and cheesy movies just as much as you do. Either way, putting your search in the hands of technology will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. Here are seven amazing apps that will help you find your ideal roommate all while avoiding sketchy meetups, no matter how picky you are.

1. Roomiematch

The highlight: Roommate submissions are reviewed by actual human beings, not robots, meaning all scams and potential scammers are immediately discarded before they can do any real damage (like steal your deposit money). The site uses a “roommate behavioral rating system” to match potential roommates based on preferred living habits and pet peeves. Roomiematch then runs an IP address actual location analysis on all subscribers so that when a potential roommate says they’re located in New York City, you can be sure that they’re not actually messaging you from Alaska. Subscribe to the service for free, or opt to pay $19.95 a year for the ability to contact roommate matches directly without having to wait for them to contact you first.

best apps for roommate search


2. Diggz

Use this app if you’d like to avoid an awkward discussion with your new roomie when she shows up on move-in day with her pet iguana. Diggz lets you specify whether you want your future pad to be pet-friendly, as well as what your budget and age-range preferences look like. You can create a Diggz account with your Facebook profile, and the app will allow you to find potential roommates among FB friends or friends of FB friends, while also suggesting users who share your alma mater. Creating an account and starting your roommate search with the app is entirely free.

3. Roommates.com

Powering roommate searches in 24 cities around the United States, this site lets you create a profile, view potential roommate matches and contact the ones that sound interesting for free through the site’s RoomMail chat. However, you can’t read incoming messages to your RoomMail chat unless you subscribe to their Choice Membership, which starts at $19.99 for 30 days. The site allows you to search for potential roommates who are either looking for an apartment or who already have a place and are looking for someone to fill the spare room. If you’re lucky, you might find your perfect roommate and your perfect apartment all in one here.

4. Roomster

If you’re working abroad for the summer or if you’ve decided to permanently relocate overseas, the Roomster app will help you navigate the stressful task of finding a home away from home. Roomster helps you search for a room, apartment or roommate in cities all around the globe, including Paris, Istanbul, Sao Paolo and Melbourne. If you enter an address or zip code, the app will give you a list of apartments with available rooms or roommates close to that exact location, making it easy to filter for places that are within walking distance to your new job or near that park you love. You’re not required to create an account to search for a roommate, but you will have to login in order to message a user you’re interested in.

best apps for roommate search


5. Roomie App

Your long-time roommate just informed you that she’ll be moving in with her boyfriend next month, and while you’re happy for (and jealous of) her and her newfound romantic success, you can’t help but feel a little annoyed that the workload of finding a new roommate has once again fallen on you. Luckily, the Roomie App may be able to help. The app allows roommate-seekers to easily post an apartment listing, complete with house rules, an ideal move-in date and a general apartment vibe description. Once your apartment is listed, only verified Roomie App subscribers will be able to reach out to you through the site’s secure chat center to express their interest.

6. PadMapper

Whether you’re a newbie in search of a room in an apartment that doesn’t have sketchy occupants or someone looking to find a trustworthy person to share your beloved home with, this app will help you find what (and who) you’re looking for. Without submitting a lengthy application, users can select their desired apartment size, rent and location and specify whether they’re looking for a long-term or short-term stay. Once you’ve found a place that looks legit (some listed apartments even offer floor plans), you can contact your potential new roommate directly by cell (if a phone number is listed) or by submitting a secure message on the app. PadMapper will also allow you to share your availability to view the apartment so you can better coordinate with potential roommates.


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7. Circle for Roommates

This app connects directly to your Facebook account so you can find people who are looking for a room that have mutual friends with you on Facebook. For the app to work, every user needs to log in with their Facebook account and share their location. Circle is basically the Tinder of roommate apps — it works by letting you scroll through people’s profiles, liking them or disliking them until you find a match. In order for you to “match” with a potential roomie, both you and the other person need to “like” each other’s profile.

Best of luck to all roommate seekers out there! May you find someone who loves matcha lattes and late-night pizza as much as you do.


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