How To Successfully Network In Your Coworking Space

how to network in a coworking space

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Office located in a coworking space? While you’re surrounded by other companies, it’s actually not that easy to network with them without feeling like you’re being annoying. But we swear that there is a way to rub shoulders with your office neighbor that benefits you both. Here’s how to network with your coworking buddies and make some valuable connections.

Spend some time in the kitchen (or common area).

Most coworking spaces are equipped with a kitchen or lounge area. Utilize your flexibility of working in a more casual space and set up shop in one of these areas for a few hours every day. Not conducive to your particular role? Even just saying hello to someone while you heat up your lunch could be a great way to start a valuable conversation. Be genuine and get to know people on a basic level before shoving your business card in their faces.

Ask your building manager to set up a networking event.

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It’s likely that your coworking building already has a number of networking events set up for you to go to. If so, go to them. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about your company without seeming pushy. But you can take the activity a step further and ask your building manager if you can host a networking event. Expense some pizzas and booze and make a happy hour of it. We guarantee you’ll get some contacts just by emailing the building about free food on the fourth floor.

Utilize your building’s online platform (if applicable).

If your coworking space has an online portal, make sure your profile is completely filled out. You may not be able to meander the halls looking for people to connect with (and honestly, it would be weird to do so), but you can definitely interact with other building members online. Post on your platform’s feed about a happy hour or asking anyone in your particular industry to get together for a short meet-up. It’s not that weird to do since you’re there to, well, work.