Here’s How To Make The Most Of Your Coworking Space


How would you describe your office environment? If you’re not using the words “refreshing,” “collaborative” and “unique,” you might be in the wrong building. Head over to the dark side, or the coworking side, and join us for some fun. Most coworking spaces aren’t exactly Facebook-level fun, but they do have some crazy cool benefits. Here’s why working in a coworking space is totally worth it.

1. You probably don’t have to worry about office supplies.

If you’re in a coworking space, you can bet the front desk has office supplies you can use. You’ll likely be equipped with basic products like a printer, paper, tape and a stapler on your floor, as well as some odds and ends depending on the coworking space. Imagine how much money you’ll be able to save in miscellaneous supplies!

2. The networking opportunities are a-plenty.

Maybe the biggest plus to setting up shop in a coworking space is that you’ll be working literally alongside other companies. Get to know the other people on your floor. You may find a cool or useful connection in close proximity.

3. Can you say happy hour?

This pro depends on the coworking office, of course, but most spaces host a number of events throughout each month, or even each week. WeWork, for example, hosts weekly happy hours and lunch-and-learns at many of its locations. Take advantage of the free massages and margaritas when you can.

4. There’s always a quiet place or two.

You may think that working on a floor with other companies could translate into a lot of noise, and that can sometimes be true. Thankfully, many coworking spaces like The Yard have phone booths and conference rooms you can grab to take an uninterrupted call or just to work quietly.

5. You can get personal.

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If you’re one of those people who loves to personalize everything, a coworking space is perfect for you. Consider the office set-up to be anything you want it to be. Most coworking spaces offer plain rooms and desks to allow companies to completely personalize their spaces. You can personalize your desk, and your team can develop the space to reflect your culture. You may be able to take down a wall or two, bring in more desks and even add some fun accents like white boards.

Coworking offices offer a lot more than just space in a building. By maximizing your coworking space potential, you can network your butt off, enjoy a cocktail or two at a happy hour, personalize your office environment and grab some free office swag while you’re at it.