Here Are The Best Coworking Spaces In The U.S.


What do you imagine when you think of a typical office environment? The drab sound of a half-working printer, a grid of cubicles and cramped office meetings? The “traditional” office environment is on its way out. Coworking — which is a movement in which companies work alongside one another in the same space, with a common area and kitchen — is the new kid on the block. Everyone is digging them. Here are the best coworking spaces in the country:

1. WeWork — locations in 19 U.S. cities

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WeWork easily makes the list for a number of reasons. From lunch and learns, weekly happy hours and endless networking events, WeWork not only provides a great space to work, but a great place to network. Bonus: most locations have beer taps on every floor, so you can enjoy your favorite brew anytime. One reviewer says, “There are constantly events going on to better educate you on different topics and a lot of free food. The best part is that it’s relatively cheaper than any other co-working space. Really an amazing deal here.”

2. Industrious — locations in 25 U.S. cities

Currently at 25 locations and growing, Industrious is known for its gorgeous glass-lined offices and flexible workspaces that can accommodate anywhere from one to 100 people with no long-term contract or commitment. One reviewer says, “There’s also an eclectic mix of people, which gives it the feel of the graduate center of a university (minus the talk of tenure and teaching schedule). There’s an openness and friendliness and makes it easy to talk to people here.”

3. Regus — locations in 400 U.S. cities

Aside from holding the title of one of the biggest coworking companies in the world (currently, Regus has over 3,000 international locations), Regus offers office rentals, as well as desk rentals, for solo employees. A desk space rental includes a personal phone and kitchen use, and you can even rent a space by the hour. You can move to any Regus location around the globe by paying a flat fee, and each location offers networking events. One reviewer says, “Every morning, I come in and I can count on two things: 1. There is always coffee, and 2. There is always someone available if I need assistance. A successful company needs to focus, and to have a dependable Regus staff at hand, it makes it easier to concentrate my efforts for my company.”

4. Techspace – locations in 9 U.S. cities

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Though the company is still fairly small, Techspace is climbing the ranks to quickly become one of the best spaces out there. With aesthetically gorgeous spaces you’d be proud to bring clients and partners into, Techspace has high-quality tech utilities like multiple call centers, communication options and interactive conference rooms. “The TechSpace staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. Professional services are just what you need – no extras, but nothing lacking,” reads one review.

5. Galvanize — locations in 8 U.S. cities

Galvanize is potentially the most unique coworking space of the bunch, specifically because it’s a space to continue your education. Along with renting out rooms and desks to companies, Galvanize’s eight locations offer tech courses that focus on subjects like web development and data science. The spaces also encourage interaction between companies. You can expect plenty of meet and greets, as well as tech events. One reviewer says, “The space we were in on the second floor had ample lighting and screens and projectors for presenting as well as a small kitchen for serving food and drinks!”