Turn Cream Into Butter With This Super Easy Blender Butter Recipe

how to make butter in a blender

Emily Abrams

You don’t have to live on a prairie with a wooden barrel and a churning tool to make your own butter. In fact, all you need is a blender and heavy cream. Think about all of the times you needed butter to cook something and you had to put your cravings to rest. Once you know how to make your own butter, you’ll feel all kinds of self-sufficient in the kitchen.

Any brand of heavy cream will do the trick, as long as there’s a 35 to 40 percent butterfat content. The higher the fat-content the “butter” (HA!). If you can get your hands on raw milk, even better. Butter is one of the few cooking tricks that turns one ingredient into two. You start with heavy cream and you end up with butter and buttermilk.

You’ll want to start with room-temperature cream. Room temperature cream will turn into butter way faster than cold cream. Use about a half-cup of cream, minimum, to give yourself the best ratio of the two components. Don’t fill up the blender more than halfway or else the texture might get weird before the butter fully forms.

Homemade Butter

how to make butter in a blender

Emily Abrams


  • 1 pint of heavy cream
  • 2 tsp. sea salt


Once you have your blender all set up, pour in the heavy cream and make sure the lid is secure. You’ll want to blend the cream for about five to seven minutes, or until you see the butter separate from the buttermilk. Let it rest for a few minutes, remove the lid and pour off the buttermilk (save it in the fridge to make buttermilk pancakes) without letting the actual butter fall out of the blender.

Add cold water to the blender, enough to cover the butter at the base, and continue to pulse it with the lid for about 40 seconds. Remove the lid and using a wooden or metal spoon, press down on the butter until any extra buttermilk drips off. Continue this process until the liquid runs clear off of the butter, probably a total of three times. The more buttermilk you extract from the butter, the longer it’ll last.

After you seal up all of the buttermilk and put it away for a rainy day, add the sea salt to the blender butter and give it one more pulse until the salt gets evenly distributed. Remove the butter with a spatula and store it in a butter dish until you’re ready to use it. Spread it right onto a fresh loaf of bread, use it to cook a stack of buttermilk pancakes or take it out for your bagel in the morning.

You can leave the fresh butter right on your countertop in a covered container or store it in your fridge (if that puts your mind at ease). It can keep for about two weeks in the fridge, but give it ol’ the smell test just to make sure. You’ll know when the butter starts to get funky. Enjoy your homemade butter that didn’t require any hand-churning whatsoever!


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