Here’s How To Quickly Soften Your Butter Without The Microwave


If you have fresh hot bread and silky spreadable butter, nothing else really matters. Some of the hardest problems can be solved over a piece of toast with butter. The annoying part is when you forget you need the butter and you have to deal with the hard stuff. It’ll rip your bread apart and no one is happy with cold butter and ripped bread.

The microwave is by far the easiest way to soften it, but then you worry about the butter melting if you leave it there for 5 seconds too long. Here’s how you can quickly soften your butter without a microwave.

Smack It

If you want to speed up the softening process, and you don’t have time to let it get to room temperature on its own, you can wrap the stick of butter in waxed paper or plastic wrap and pound it with some kind of hard object. It can be a rolling pin or coffee can. Just pound it a few times on both sides until it’s sort semi-flattened. This should help soften up the butter so you can lather up your bread in no time.


Cube It


If you cut the butter into small cubes it’ll soften faster than when it’s in whole stick form. You’ll be increasing the amount of surface area that’s exposed to room temperature by doing it this way. You can just take the butter as you need. If you’re softening butter for a recipe, make sure you to figure out the measurements before you cube it up.

Double Boiler It

Creating a double boiler is really easy. Boil a little water in a saucepan and place a metal bowl right inside the sauce pan, but not touching the water. Put your butter right in the metal bowl and let it soften slowly. Take it out before it starts to melt. Quick and easy.