How To Create The Perfect Work Area At Home


If you have the opportunity to work from home regularly or from time to time, you probably consider yourself lucky, and we consider you lucky, too. But as tempting as it may seem to work from the couch (we’ve done it…can’t lie), it’s not ideal for keeping yourself in “work mode.”

So to make the most of the WFH thing, it’s time to set up an official working space. Don’t worry — we’re not going to tell you to dedicate an entire room to it or to buy the most expensive office furniture out there. Instead, we’re here to give you some simple ideas on how to create an environment that keeps you comfortable, focused and productive.

1. Situate yourself near natural light.


Natural light is beneficial for a number of reasons. It can boost your mood and productivity, as well as potentially help you sleep better at night. Bonus: you save money on the electricity you’re not using by turning on the lights.

2. Surround yourself with plants.

Adding some low-maintenance greenery, like succulents, to your environment is a good idea. (They’re great to have in your company’s office, too.) Plants will brighten up your space, while also potentially making you healthier and feel calmer.

3. Think ergonomically.

You may not be able to afford a standing desk, but there’s no reason you can’t set up shop at your counter. If you want to stick to sitting, keep your posture on point. Look into cheap solutions like a yoga ball balance top you can put right on your desk chair, or a back support strap that will straighten your frame.

4. Keep a clock nearby.


Yes, most people have their phones nearby, and yes, you can just look on your computer if you want to keep track of the time. But the point of creating a home office is to mimic the vibe of an actual office (a fun one, of course), so positioning your space near a wall clock or a desk clock will make you feel more like you’re at work. The clock also serves as a reminder to keep your workday on track.

5. Make an effort to personalize your space the way you would at an office.

Just because you’re at home and you have memorabilia everywhere doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus some of those good vibes specifically on your work area. Add a personal touch to your space, like your favorite mug, an eye-catching floor rug or a few books. You can’t go wrong by cozying up your environment with a few things that make you feel happy.

6. Create a solid storage system.

There’s nothing that kills a professional mood like a bunch of crumpled files cluttered around your work area. Investing in a cheap storage system will help you make your space clean, organized and approachable. We also bet that you’re more likely to be productive if you know where to find everything, and can focus on your work rather than the mess you (eventually) need to clean up.