These Are The Best Ways To Use Aromatherapy Around The Holidays


One of our favorite ways to engage with the world around us is through scent, especially around the holidays. There are so many vibrant aromas and fragrances that fill both our cozy homes and outdoor spaces during the fall and winter months, and when you learn how to take advantage of them, the results can be truly magical. Below are some fun ways to utilize the variety of wonderful scents surrounding you this year for whatever your mind and body need most in the moment.

Feeling tired? Bake some gingerbread from scratch.

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There’s nothing like fresh ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon wafting from a warm oven to bring a little holiday spirit back into your sleepy body. Not to mention, it tastes amazing.

Feeling stressed? Take a whiff or two of your Christmas tree.


Both balsam and fir trees (the most common varieties of Christmas trees) work wonders on a stressed-out mind. A couple of deep, long inhales will transport you to your own quiet forest where you can regain your center. And closing your eyes makes the effect even more powerful.

Feeling festive? Brew a batch of spicy warm cider.


Lean into those holiday vibes and get your stovetop going with some hot cider (alcohol entirely optional). The mixed aromas of ginger, orange, apple and cinnamon will leave you dancing around your kitchen before you even take a sip.

Feeling anxious? Enjoy a piece of fragrant peppermint candy.


Peppermint has such a strong, naturally soothing quality, so why not enjoy it with both your nose and your taste buds? Plus, the added hint of vanilla and sweetness are bound to bring a smile to your face as your heart rate slows down.

Feeling jittery? Take a walk and inhale the fresh winter winds.


Sometimes, there’s just no better healer than fresh air. And when it’s crisp, chilly and full of forest scents, its therapeutic effects reach an entirely new level. If you’ve had a little too much sugar already, go for a stroll and let deep breaths calm you from head to toe.

Feeling chilly? Sit by a fireplace full of fresh, crackling wood.


The fragrance of a wood fire will make you feel nice and warm long before the coals even form and share their coveted toasty heat. So go ahead and stack those logs and curl up on your coziest couch.

Feeling grateful? Slowly sip a mug of minty, dark hot chocolate.


Times like these call for the perfect blend of indulgence and calm, which comes in the form of mint dark hot cocoa at this time of year. The richness of the cocoa ignites all of the feel-good serotonin in your brain while the menthol keeps you feeling perfectly at ease. Talk about the best way to end the day.