Outdoor Lovers, Hike To These Heart-Shaped Destinations For Some Natural Romance


You know you want to hit these amazing natural wonders. And luckily, you can hike to these seven heart-shaped destinations. Nature-lovers and outdoorsy duos, get planning your next trek to a cutesy romantic spots. Dare we dream of a proposal at the summit?

1. Lac Calvaresc – San Bernadino, Switzerland

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You’ll need three entire days to reach this picture-perfect little heart. The lake is miles into the Swiss mountains, but it’s outfitted with cozy huts for hikers to recharge before the next day of alpine wanders.

2. Isla Corazón – Bariloche, Brazil

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Lago Mascardi’s heart-shaped Isla Corazón is a little love note in the mountains. It’s located near romantic Bariloche and it has the remote spirit of Patagonia. There are kayaking trips to the island if anyone is looking to get even closer.

3. Nakalele Point – Maui, Hawaii, U.S.

Near the Nakalele blowhole (a natural geyser of sea water), the little heart peephole of volcanic rock is an adorable photo op. There’s a bunch of trails that lead down to the outcropping, but be careful to stay on the dry rocks. It can get rough down there!

4. Valentine Lake – British Columbia, Canada

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Valentine Lake is the most anatomically correct heart-shaped landmark on this list, so unless you’re looking at it from straight above, you probably won’t get the full Hallmark affect. But the Canadian wilderness is always worth exploring.

5. Heart Lake – Lake Placid, New York, U.S.

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So it might be a subtle heart, but the view of Heart Lake is stunning from the top of Algonquin Peak. It’s 5,114 feet up, and 8 miles roundtrip. For postcard scenery, go in the autumn for fall-colored vistas.

6. Gaislacher See – Sölden, Austria

There are trails that lead up to Gaislacher See, a sweet alpine lake in Austria. And it will make your heart sore – all the puns intended – because the trails almost touch the clouds as you hike around the mountain range.

7. Lake Scanno – Scanno, Italy

Now, those who are feeling worn out from lakeside activities can take a chairlift up to the mountaintop for a view of Lake Scanno, but if you’re looking for a trek, follow a loop trail from the lake through the surrounding hills.