6 Freezer Aisle Veggie Burgers That Are Entirely Healthy For You

healthy frozen veggie burgers

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Veggie burgers can be quite the conundrum. They sound like the epitome of health, but often times, they’re loaded with a ton of fillers and sodium and crap that definitely isn’t good for you — especially when they’re sourced from your supermarket’s freezer aisle. However, a lot of veggie burger brands do have their priorities in the right place, offering us patties that are just as nutritious as they sound. Below are six veggie burger options that are entirely healthy for you — oh, and don’t taste like shit, either.

(And we aren’t ranking them from best to worst here. They all fit the bill as far as our healthy food standards go!)

1. Hilary’s Eat Well World’s Best Veggie Burger

These organic, allergy-friendly patties have an entirely acceptable ingredient list, loaded with whole grains, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, onions and spices. The millet and quinoa give this burger a crunchier texture, which you probably want to expect ahead of time. But the flavors are on point, as is the nutritional information. Hilary’s doesn’t overdo it on the sodium or fat, either.

2. Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burgers

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These guys put the “veggie” in veggie burger. The first ingredient on the label is kale (as it should be), followed by hearty quinoa, brown rice, millet, and nine other vegetables. They’re also surprisingly low in both sodium and fat. We do wish they boasted more than 2 grams of protein, but considering how many veggies they’re packing into a single meal here, we’ll deal.

3. The Beyond Burger

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This plant-based burger patty is loaded with good-for-you pea protein, rivaling the protein content of most conventional animal-based burgers. The fat content is a little on the heavy side, but 75 percent is healthier unsaturated fat. People seem to love or hate the flavor and texture, so you just gotta try it out for yourself and see what happens. The ingredient list includes a “2% or less of the following” section that’s loaded with a bunch of non-food components, which leaves us wary. But 2 percent isn’t too bad…

4. Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burgers

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Holy protein, Batman! These patties from TJ’s have a serious 26 grams per serving, thanks to the pea protein blend that ranks as the first ingredient on the label. Clocking in at 260 calories with 13 grams of fat, these burgers are definitely the heartiest on this list, but there’s no doubt that they’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied for twice as long. Honestly, is there anything TJ’s can’t do well?

5. Garden Herb Sunshine Burger

These organic patties are as pure as pure gets. The ingredient list is clean and short with just organic cooked brown rice, organic ground raw sunflower seeds, organic carrots, organic spices and sea salt. The fat is a little high, but it’s because sunflower seeds are a primary ingredient, so it’s cool. They even give the burgers a hefty protein boost of 8 grams. And the salt content is one of the lowest we’ve seen in a prepacked veggie burger option. Way to go, Sunshine!

6. Amy’s California Veggie Burger

Amy’s frozen foods are a staple in our freezers because she just does so many things right, from flavors to nutrition to texture to price. And these burgers are no exception. The ingredient list is clean, the fat is in check and the protein is acceptable. The flavor is also on point — probably because they have a little more sodium than most burgers on this list — but we’ll take the hit here.