Goat Milk Ice Cream Is The Sweet Treat Your Dessert Game Has Been Missing

goat milk ice cream


Guys, goat milk ice cream might be one of the most underrated frozen treats out there. Cow’s milk ice cream takes all of the attention, while goat milk ice cream seems to fly under the radar. If you’re ever in the mood to splurge on a pint of fancy gelato, check the freezer section for LaLoo’s instead.

The goat milk ice cream comes in six flavors: vanilla snowflake, deep chocolate, Rumplemint, mystic strawberry, sea salt caramel and Capraccino almond fudge. Each pint has up to nine grams of fat and six grams of protein. Out of all of the flavors, vanilla has the goatiest flavor of all, which is still way mild in comparison to goat cheese.

The rest of the flavors are all kinds of sweet and creamy — you can barely tell the difference between the goat’s milk and cow’s milk. You’ll get the slightest tang, but the punch of sweetness immediately after lets you forget all about the goat milk base. On the other hand, if you’re a goat cheese fanatic and are after that taste, go with the vanilla.

You can find LaLoo’s at small and large grocery stores around the country, including the majority of Whole Foods locations. A pint will run you around $7, depending on where you’re shopping.

LaLoo’s is a women-owned company and the ice cream comes from goats that are fed a strict grass and alfalfa diet. According to the company’s site, the ice cream is made with 100 percent goat’s milk, making the ice cream higher in nutrient-rich protein, lower in fat and easier to digest for people who are lactose sensitive and allergic to cow’s milk.

The next time your ice cream cravings hit, change it up and see if you can get on board with the goat milk life.


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