What To Gift The World Travelers In Your Life This Holiday Season

gifts for travelers

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Looking for a gift for the world traveler in your life? Please don’t get them another set of luggage tags. Instead, opt for an experiential present to help out with their travel budgets.

No one likes just giving a loved one cold hard cash for a holiday gift, right? We all want to feel like we picked out something special. While a lot of travel is about money, go with one of these gift ideas instead that can make everyone feel good during the season of giving.

gifts for travelers

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Get a national park pass.

An annual pass to all of the United States’ national parks costs $80 and is perfect for any campers in your life.

Buy an adventure.

Did you know you can get gift cards for things like kayaking, camping or even whitewater rafting? You can also get certificates for just about any amount of money for tour companies, so you can help sponsor a trip abroad or near home.

gifts for travelers

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Chip in for an Airbnb or hotel stay.

Ask your traveler about the accommodations for their next trip and, if they’re into it, offer to pay for part or all of an upcoming Airbnb or hotel. Even better, search through places to stay with the gift recipient and choose one together.

Figure out their packing wish list.

Everyone has enough luggage tags, but that doesn’t mean other travel accessories are off limits. Packing cubes, camera tripods or new headphones would be a welcome addition to anyone’s travel stash.

gifts for travelers

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Grab a Starbucks gift card.

How many times have you been stuck in an airport or truck stop where Starbs is the only option for some java and a snack? A gift card will leave room in your pal’s travel budget for more unique eating experiences during their trips, and it’s a great gesture that can be as small as $5.

Plan a vacation together.

If you and your gang of gifters are all on the travel train together, agree to skip buying each other presents this year and schedule a group trip instead. With the money you save on the gifts, you can split a hotel or Airbnb somewhere cool and make a dent in the transportation costs as well.


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