27 Gifts On Amazon Under $50 That Are Perfect For Your Family Members

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As we get older, our families grow. And we’re no longer the kids opening gifts on the first night of Hanukkah or Christmas morning. Instead, we’re giving back to our relatives who have always remembered us with thoughtful gifts over the years.

If you’re in need of a few gift ideas for your family members, we’ve got you covered. Here are 27 that are all on Amazon and under $50.


Whether it’s your mom, stepmom or mother-in-law, these three gifts will surely make her smile.

1. Personalized Mug

If you’ve moved out of your parents’ home, remind your mom how much she means to you with this personalized mug that shows that distance only makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Journal

If you’re someone that struggles with words, fill in this journal with everything that you’re feeling inside about your mom or step-mom.

3. Blanket Scarf

Perfect for a mother-in-law (or soon-to-be), a blanket scarf is always a good call, especially during the chilly holiday season.


Dad, step-dad or father-in-law, here are a few ideas for the men you care about in your life.

4. BBQ Grill Set

Even if they don’t like to cook, this grill set has the word “Dad” right in it, so at least your father figure will enjoy looking at it while ordering take out.

5. Keychain

Keychains never fail, and this one is much more than meaningful than the classic bottle opener or “#1 Dad.”

6. Beard Grooming Kit

If the man you’re buying for has a beard, then this kit is sure to be a winner.


Sister, sister-in-law or best friend if you’re an only child, whoever it is, warm her heart with one of these presents.

7. Ceramic Soy Serenity Candle

Every time they light this candle, they’ll relax and think of you!

8. Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace

Another relaxing gift idea, this necklace is beautiful and serves as an oil diffuser for a little aromatherapy every time your sister wears it.

9. Workout Leggings

For the girl who hits the gym every morning, stylish leggings are always welcomed as a gift. For even more options, check out these other leggings that are perfect for the fitness fashionista.


Brother, bro, best friend — whatever you call him, these three gift ideas are sure to please.

10. Personalized Wooden Watch

Let him know you care with a unique, personalized wooden watch. If he’s ever late to anything, you can tell him he has no excuse.

11. Sibling And Friend Keychains

Stay connected with your brother when distance keeps you apart with this keychain set. It’s a gift for him, but one for you, too!

12. Brother Mug

If you love your brother, but also love to joke around with him, this mug will remind him where he stands.


No matter how old we get, grandpas are still great people who deserve great gifts.

13. Memories Journal

Give your grandpa the gift of memories being passed down for years to come with this sentimental journal.

14. Favorite Granddaughter Mug

If you’re the only granddaughter, then this is the best gift to get your grandpa because obviously, you’re the fave.

15. Retro Pocket Watch

Give your grandpa a gift from the past with this vintage-style pocket watch. Every time he checks the time, he’ll think of you.


Grandma, Mimi, Gigi, Nanny — whatever you call her, get her a gift that truly shows her you care.

16. Family Tree Frame

As the matriarch, this frame will bring your entire family into her home, filling it with love and memories.

17. Generations Necklace

Between you, your mom and your grandma, there are three generations to celebrate. With this necklace, she’ll think of it every day.

18. Alex And Ani Grandmother Bracelet

Stylish and current, yet simple, this bracelet will remind her that you love whenever she wears it.


Someone special, honor your aunt with a gift that tells her she’s like a second mom.

19. Wine Glass

Cheesy? Yes. Useful? Yes. Your aunt will love this wine glass if she’s a vino drinker.

20. Ornament

Remind your aunt how much she means to you every Christmas with this classic ornament.

21. Pillow

We’re fans of the saying on this pillow and we think your aunt will be, too.


Like aunts, uncles hold a special place in our hearts, so let’s show them that this holiday season.

22. Mug

More fun than uncle? This mug will let them know every morning.

23. Frame

Give the gift of a great memory to your uncle by placing a picture in this frame.

24. Beer Sweaters

For the uncle who likes to throw a few back at family parties, these cozy beer sweaters will also make him the life of the party.


Cousins by blood, but friends by choice, get them something special this year.

25. Personalized Soy Candle

Their hearts will light up every time they light this candle.

26. Necklace

Remind your cousin of the roots you share with this sentimental necklace.

27. Mug

If you haven’t noticed, we’re fans of mugs (they’re practical). This one has a nice saying on it that’s perfect for your cousin.

What other gifts are you planning to get your family members this year? Share the special gifts with us by emailing [email protected]!


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