Daily Fit 07/18/2019: Full-Fat Or Non-Fat Yogurt?

full-fat or fat-free yogurt?


Health Tip Of The Day: Here’s How To Pick Between Full-Fat And Nonfat Yogurt Based On Your Health Concerns

The Benefits Of Both Yogurts

No matter if you top your bowl with heaps of granola or opt for a small portion as an evening snack, yogurt is a healthy and delicious staple that can be suited to any diet. Both non-fat and full-fat yogurts contain more protein than a two-egg omelet — and a diet high in protein can help you maintain a lean physique and stay full throughout the day. Yogurt is also a great source of calcium and B vitamins, so you might be able to swap out your supplements for a creamy but hearty breakfast.

How Each Yogurt Differs

Whether you opt for full-fat or non-fat yogurt depends on your health and fitness goals. Full-fat yogurt might get a bad rap because of its higher energy content, but with portion control, it doesn’t need to be a dense calorie bomb. Full-fat yogurt is packed with healthy fats that can be a great addition to any diet. For those who are cutting down on calories or fat intake, the non-fat version is an easy swap. Either way, yogurt is a healthy choice worth stocking in your fridge! Click through for more differences between the two yogurt varieties. [Swirled]

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