Friday Fluff 10/26: The Cutest Dogs Of The Week, The Best Friends Edition

cute boxer

Nicole Blackford

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Say hello to the cutest dogs of the week.

It’s Best Friends Week at Friday Fluff, so we’re featuring some of the cutest pup BFFs out there. These pals are inseparable!

Betty, Mutt, 9 Years Old / Wolfus, Mutt, 10 Years Old (Rescue Dog)

cute dog friends

Jennifer Bullard Broggini

Fun Fact: When it gets stormy outside, Wolfus leaves his dog bed and goes to cuddle with Betty in hers. It makes him feel safe!

Did you know? Ever wonder why some pups are more scared of thunder than others? Some dogs have what’s known as canine noise aversion — a type of anxiety that can make them uncomfortable or even phobic about loud noises. [National Geographic]

Gracie, Australian Cattle Dog, 3 Years Old / Roxy, Boxer, 12 Years Old

cute boxer

Nicole Blackford

Fun Fact: Gracie loves stealing toys from Roxy, but Roxy doesn’t mind too much — she prefers taking naps on the couch anyway.

Did you know? Object guarding in dogs is the act of aggressively protecting toys, chewies and stolen objects like socks and other human clothing items. To prevent your dog from developing this nasty habit, get him used to having his mouth touched from when he’s a puppy. This way, when you try to remove something from your pup’s clutches (like one of your precious shoes), you won’t risk getting bitten. [Petfinder]

Nelson, Jack Russell Terrier/Pug Mix, 6 Years Old / Dillinger, Jack Russell Terrier, 8 Years Old

Jack Russell Terriers

Jane Dear

Fun Fact: Dillinger and Nelson are partners in crime. They enjoy swimming together and chasing fish. Their mom can’t keep them out of the water!

Did you know? Jack Russell Terriers are probably even smarter than the foxes that they were bred to hunt. They’re fast learners and they can be trained to do all sorts of tricks — but only if you have a cookie in hand to reward them! [Rover]

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.” — Unknown

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