Friday Fluff 05/24: The Cutest Dogs Of The Week

Maddison Cox

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Say hello to the cutest dogs of the week!

Sammy, Beagle, 4 Years Old

Dottie Gerek Gardus

Fun Fact: When Sammy wants a treat, he sits by his treat drawer waiting for his pawrents to get one for him.

Did You Know? Beagles are notorious food beggers. If you’re looking to stop your pup from pleading for food every time you get out a snack or begin a meal, teach him to go to his “place.” This place could be anywhere from his favorite carpet to his crate. Getting your pup away from the kitchen table every time you’re eating is the first step in preventing him from hounding you for food. [The Spruce Pets]

Toby, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, 10 Months Old

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Fun Fact: Toby’s favorite time is playtime — a game of fetch with tennis balls can keep him entertained for hours. This pup’s wiggly butt and enthusiasm will charm anyone who walks in the room. Toby was recently adopted from an ASPCA adoption center.

Did You Know? The ancestors of dogs were hunters, chasing after small animals for survival, so it’s only natural that the act of chasing is ingrained in your pup’s DNA. Some dog breeds — like the English Setter, the American Foxhound and the Labrador Retriever — were initially bred to hunt, so their fetching instincts are even more pronounced. [Wag!]

Jazz, Bichon Frise, 11 Years Old

Maddison Cox

Fun Fact: Jazz’s two favorite things in life are wearing cute bows and playing with socks — give her a pair to play with and she’ll be entertained for hours.

Did You Know? Particularly fluffy dogs, like Miss Jazz pictured above, require frequent grooming to prevent shedding and matting. Most pups should be brushed at home at least once a week. [American Kennel Club]

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”— W.R. Purche

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