Friday Fluff 03/22: Let’s Celebrate National Puppy Day!

Chihuahua puppy

Kristen Bowlin

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Meet The Cutest Puppies…

Cavalier puppy
Kathryn Schreiber

Fun fact: This newly-adopted pup always likes to be in the spotlight. She craves attention and doesn’t like to be apart from her pawrent. She’s also a real smarty pants — she learned how to walk on her leash at just 2 weeks old!

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Labrador puppy
SJ Windridge-France

Fun fact: Teddy doesn’t have trouble falling asleep — he can snooze pretty much anywhere. His favorite napping spot is in the laundry hamper on top of a freshly cleaned pile of clothes … and his pawrents aren’t too happy about it. 

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Chihuahua puppy
Kristen Bowlin

Fun fact: Wendy was the runt of her litter, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality! She’s the quintessential happy puppy. She’s always hopping around, smiling and wagging her tail — even when she has the occasional potty accident. 

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