5 Refreshing Hacks For Those Days You Forget Your Deodorant


As you bustle to your office job or run to brunch, nothing quite matches the dread of realizing that you missed an essential step in your morning routine: deodorant. No matter your body odor, it’s unlikely that you’ll make many friends once those pit stains start to show.

Luckily, there are several deodorizing options that are pretty accessible from just about anywhere and will get the dirty job done in a pinch. Check out our five recommendations below and give them a try when you begin to smell your signature unsavory scent.

1. Use hand sanitizer.

Most of us keep this antibacterial wonder in our purses or near our desks in the office, right? In the same way it kills bacteria on your hands, it eliminates the odor-causing bacteria in your pits. Just rub a quarter-sized amount under each arm, keep your hands in the air until you feel fully dry, and then proceed through your day with confidence.

2. Powder up with a little baking soda.

Just like a box popped in your refrigerator can absorb those less-than-pleasant food odors, it can also absorb your underarm stench.  Mix a little bit of baking soda with water (but not to the point when it dissolves entirely), dab it under each arm, and then wipe off the mixture. Just be mindful when using it, since sensitive skin types often find baking soda a little too harsh.


3. Try alcohol swabs from a first aid kit.

We always knew that box would come in handy beyond blister Band-Aids. The alcohol-based cleansing pads (or swabs, depending on the kit your office has) work to kill bacteria the same way hand sanitizer does. So simply snag a pack or two from the kit, gently swipe under your arms, and let the area dry before carrying on.

4. Dab on a little lemon juice.

Lemon juice is nature’s deodorizer and leaves you smelling super fresh and citrusy. The high acidity of lemons is what gives them their antibacterial properties, which thwarts bacteria growth and existing odor. Plus, it seems to be on hand everywhere these days. Assuming that you don’t have any underarm skin irritation (because ouch), wipe your underarms down with some lemon juice, and then towel off any remaining liquid so you don’t end up sticky.

5. Rinse with good ol’ soap and water.

Yes, just a like a shower. (We know — what a concept.) While you’re in the ladies’ room, suds up a disposable towel and gently wash the skin under your arms. Then, with a separate clean, but damp towel, wipe away any soap left on your skin to avoid irritation once you’re dry. Then dry off completely and enjoy feeling like you just bathed from head to toe. Let’s hope the lady from the office doesn’t catch you wiping your pits in the public restroom.

Obviously, if your BO is really that big of an issue, you’re probably better off just running out to the nearest corner store and purchasing a mini deodorant for times exactly like these, but we’ll let you decide when you’ve reached that level.