Why You Should Drink Warm Water With Lemon Every Day


Many of our health-minded friends can’t stop talking about how a glass of warm water with lemon is the way to kick off any morning. But when we ask why, all we get is some mumbles, shrugs and smiles.

Scientifically speaking, what is so great about this holistic health trend? Quite a few things, actually. The benefits might not be as dramatic as many lemon water drinkers say they are, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra good reason or two to kick off the day in a refreshing way. So here’s the low down.


1. It can give your immune system a little boost.

Like most citrus fruits, lemons pack a large punch of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant our bodies need to thrive. It assists a struggling immune system because it’s used for both the growth and repair of tissues throughout your body. It also protects against cardiovascular disease, prevents prenatal health problems and keeps your eyes healthy. Not to mention it’s a water-soluble vitamin, meaning you really can’t get too much of it into your system (unless you try really really hard).

2. It makes for a stable digestive system.

It might sound counterintuitive, but the acid in the lemon actually assists in the digestion of the food you eat because the amount of naturally occurring acid in our stomachs decreases as we age. Additionally, the pulp from the lemon that ends up in your glass of water post-squeeze is full of pectin, which is a fiber that is also helpful in the digestive process. And on the not-so-pretty side of things, consuming more water this way helps you stay regular… if you know what we mean.


3. It can aid in weight loss.

Research shows that drinking more water, in general, may assist modestly with the shedding of unwanted pounds. A German study found that, after downing 17 ounces of water, the metabolic rates of both male and female participants increased by 30 percent. And adding lemon to the mix can only make it better, right? According to a 2008 Japanese study, the polyphenols in lemons (the nutrients that provide the antioxidant benefits of the fruits) helped mice stave off weight gain and improve their fat metabolism while being fed a high-fat diet. However, most of the polyphenols are located in the lemon rind, so you’d need to infuse your warm water with a full lemon wedge rather than just a squeeze of the juice.

4. It awakens your senses.

Lemon isn’t an ingredient in essential oils and aromatherapy products just for kicks — smelling it impacts your limbic system, improving mental focus, clarity and memory. Lemon is unique in that it has both calming and clarifying properties, which is ideal for when we are climbing out of bed in the morning. It also promotes concentration and alertness, making for a more productive start to the day. No wonder it’s featured in so many morning skin cleansers these days.


5. It keeps your skin young and happy.

A ton of popular skin cleansers, scrubs and masks on the market today feature this citrus fruit. The antioxidants in lemons are linked to anti-aging properties due to their ability to reverse the breakdown of collagen fibers in the skin that occurs over time (especially with extra sun exposure). And luckily, these benefits can be enjoyed by both applying lemons topically and consuming them orally. So add a squeeze of lemon juice to your morning smoothie while you’re heating up that water!

6. It’s a tasty way to hydrate.

If the whole warm water with lemon water routine succeeds at one thing 100 percent of the time, it’s that it helps you jump start your day with much-needed hydration. We lose a surprising amount of water while we sleep, so it’s crucial we rebalance the scales come sunrise. And sometimes, plain water just feels boring and we want to mix things up. So adding a little low-calorie, antioxidant and flavor boost seems like a win-win decision.

Your life might not be forever and dramatically changed if you adopt this new daily ritual, but it certainly can’t hurt. Unless you’re allergic to lemons, of course.