5 Everyday Foods You Shouldn’t Put In The Freezer


There are two types of freezers out there. There’s the organized kind where everything is labeled and stacked and then there’s the graveyard freezer, where the food you don’t want goes to die. No matter what kind of freezer person you are, it’s always important to keep in mind which foods should go in the freezer and which foods you’re better off keeping out. Here are five foods you shouldn’t put in the freezer so that you won’t have to end up tossing perfectly good food.

1. Salad Greens

When you buy a bunch of greens at the store and you know you’re not going to use them all, the freezer is not be the best place for them. When your greens freeze, the water inside of the vegetables freezes and forms ice crystals. Those ice crystals end up damaging the structure of your greens, making them soft so they lose their crunchy texture.

2. Yogurt

If there’s a sale on yogurt and you ended up buying a hefty amount, you won’t be able to rely on the freezer to extend your yogurt’s lifespan. The yogurt will end up separating in the freezer and it’ll develop a weird unappetizing texture.

3. Potatoes

foods you shouldn't freeze


You’re best to keep raw potatoes in a well-ventilated container in a dry location that’s away from sunlight. Don’t toss your potatoes in the freezer. The cold temperature will turn the starch into sugar more rapidly and you’ll be left with gritty potatoes. If we’re talking about freezing and reheating cooked potatoes, that’s a different story. You can freeze your mashed potatoes and you won’t taste the grittiness as much since the texture has already been changed beforehand.

4. Fried Foods

Don’t do it. The main reason you eat fried food is for that crispy texture, and once fried food goes in the freezer, you can say goodbye to that crunchiness. The greasy fried batter will get all moist and mushy and then it’s pretty much a lost cause. With fried foods, your best bet is to keep them in the fridge and then reheat them in the oven to make sure you keep that crispiness.

5. Cheese

foods you shouldn't freeze


Some people say freezing cheese is disrespectful. If we’re talking about bagged shredded cheddar, don’t stress out over it. If you’re someone who spent a pretty penny on a smoked gouda or fancy gorgonzola, the freezer is not your friend. Hand-crafted cheeses will end up deteriorating in the freezer.

When the ice crystals within the paste of the cheese defrost, the whole structure of the cheese can be ruined. Smooth cheeses will become crumbly and dry. Cheeses with holes, like Swiss, have a higher chance of getting damaged in the freezer. Show a little respect for your food and let your cheese live its best life in the fridge.


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