3 Foods That Taste Better When You Leave Them On Your Counter Top

foods you don't need to refrigerate


It seems like we’re all hot and cold when it comes to the temperature of our food. We either want our food fresh out of the fridge or hot out of the oven. However, this mentality limits us from enjoying food at its peak. When food is too hot, flavors and taste sensations can be masked. The same goes for food that’s straight out of the fridge. When fats turn solid, your food isn’t the most appetizing, right?

With that said, here are three foods taste much better after they’ve been sitting on your countertop — not too hot and not too cold.


After a trip to the grocery store, it’s tempting to throw your tomatoes into the fridge with everything else, but this tendency is actually the worst thing you can do with tomatoes. You want to store them at room temperature.

Aside from fully ripe tomatoes, they’ll most likely suffer in the fridge in terms of developing the best flavor, color and texture. So the next time you plan on making a big batch of red sauce and you want perfectly juicy and plump tomatoes, let those bad boys hang out on the counter for a few days ahead of time.


Since bananas grow in warm climates, they’re not used to cold temperatures. When you put bananas in the fridge, the enzymes that allow the fruit to ripen become inactive. That’s why you might see those bananas turn black.

So don’t make your bananas leave their comfort zone.  If you want them to ripen naturally, let them hang on your counter until you’re ready to eat them. This way, you let all of the sweet flavors naturally develop to make all of the smoothies, muffins and breakfast bowls your heart desires.

foods you don't need to refrigerate



For a lot of people, a schmear of butter on a piece of sourdough is a morning ritual. The worst part about morning toast, though, is when you’re in a hurry and your butter is still a cold brick. You try to spread it, but you end up ripping your toast in the process. And no one wants ripped toast.

But you can avoid this toast disaster by keeping your butter on the counter. If the concept of keeping dairy at room temperature scares you, just remember that butter isn’t the same as cream or milk. Since the primary component of butter is fat and it has a low water content, there’s a minimal chance of bacterial growth. Keep your butter in a ceramic container with a cover, and you’ll have perfectly soft and spreadable butter whenever you need it.


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