Your Sunglasses Are About To Get A Lot Smarter, Thanks To Felix Gray

Felix Gray sunglasses

Felix Gray

Your summer wishes have been granted, friends. We now have access to stylish sunglasses that not only protect our eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, but also prevent damage from that problematic blue light that emanates from our phones.

Felix Gray debuted its proprietary blue light-filtering technology back in 2016, added prescription lenses to its product line in April of 2018 and now has some of the trendiest sunwear we’ve seen all summer. These anti-glare, polarized lenses look super cute and protect you from eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and sun damage. We’ll just come out and say it — they’re the superheroes of the sunglasses world.

The best part? By filtering the blue light away from your sensitive eyes, Felix Gray sunglasses actually enhance the colors you see, making this your most vivid summer yet.

Felix Gray sunglasses

Felix Gray

Starting at just $95, Felix Gray sunglasses come in seven different frame styles with a variety of finishes and colors. There’s a pair for pretty much every summer fashion statement under the sun. And because Felix Gray embeds the blue light-filtering technology in the lenses themselves rather than using a coating or tint like other manufacturers, they’ll hold up a lot longer as you spend your days among the hot and humid elements.

“We’re ecstatic to expand our product offering and bring our blue light-filtering, anti-glare technology combined with fashion-forward frames to sunwear,” co-founder and CEO David Roger said in a statement. “Our mission is to create thoughtful eyewear engineered for a digital world and the debut of sunwear does just that, offering world-class sunglasses at an affordable price.”

Ready to get your hands on a pair? We are, too. Felix Gray sunglasses are officially available on the company’s website. Let’s just hope they don’t sell out before we reach the checkout!


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