12 Empowering Women To Embody This Halloween

empowering female costumes


This Halloween, cast aside that cute cat costume and give up that boring witch’s broom once and for all. Instead, stand out and have people asking all the right questions by embodying one of these empowering women. Between bobbing for apples and dancing to the “Monster Mash,” you might just start a movement.

1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a powerful woman who we can all learn from. Grab a black graduation gown, a large white statement necklace, thick-rimmed glasses and green earrings in order to pull of this empowering female costume. You can probably find all of this at a second-hand store. Then discuss the importance of gender equality with everyone who asks who you are this Halloween.

2. Emma Watson

You may have embodied Emma Watson when you dressed up as Hermoine in 2005, but this year, it’s time to be the fierce female herself. Watson is now a well-known activist who believes that both men and women need to be involved in feminism. Grab a cheap magenta jacket from Forever 21 or your other fave fast-fashion store, and a white paint pen to recreate this iconic image of Watson on International Women’s Day.

3. Michelle Obama

Throw on a chic, yet affordable sheath dress, a pair of pumps and pearls and you’ll be rocking Michelle Obama’s classic look in no time. Our former First Lady is known for inspiring young women around the world, so be sure to encourage everyone around you to stay true to themselves and make a difference in the lives of others.

4. Sheryl Sandberg

The COO of Facebook is all about the v-neck so grab one in black, white or red. Find a matching skirt and heels, and you’ll be looking like a badass business woman in no time. Sheryl Sandberg is also the founder of the Lean In Foundation, inspiring others to go for their goals no matter what, so be sure to ask your fellow Halloween partygoers what they would do if they weren’t afraid.

5. Gloria Steinem

A real OG of feminism, Gloria Steinem is a legend. Her rocker style is easy to replicate with black jeans, a black shirt, a black leather or jean jacket and boots. Throw on some oversized sunglasses and a belt, too. She’s also a writer, so feel free to carry around a notebook and pen as she probably did  in the ’60s and ’70s when she wrote for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and more.

6. Beyonce


Wikimedia Commons/Rocbeyonce

Who run the world? Girls! For our fave female vocalist/feminist, your best bet is to flaunt your legs in a killer bodysuit. You can get an affordable one online in any color of your choosing. We suggest bedazzling it so you truly embody Queen Bey. Then strap on a pair of heels and grab a mic because you’ve got a lot to say when it comes to being confident, fearless and fierce.

7. Ellen DeGeneres

American comedian and TV show host Ellen DeGeneres is known for her endearing and hilarious segments. However, she was also the first openly lesbian actress to play an openly lesbian character on TV in her ’90s sitcom “Ellen.” How badass is that?! Head to a nearby thrift store and look for her go-to uniform: a collard shirt under a vest, sweater or blazer, with jeans and sneakers.

8. Oprah Winfrey

Named to Fortune’s list of the Most Powerful Women 2018, Oprah Winfrey is an icon in American culture. All you need is a dress and some black-rimmed glasses to embody this mogul. If you want, bring candy with you and start handing it out to everyone around you as tribute to the famous episode of her talk show. “You get a candy bar! And you get a candy bar!”

9. Amelia Earhart

Throwing it back to the 1930s, Amelia Earhart is another OG of female independence. Find a bomber jacket, collard shirt and scarf, plus goggles if you can, and represent this pilot with pride. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, she went missing in 1939 during a flight across the Pacific Ocean. Feel free to share some spooky theories about what really happened to her to make the Halloween party a little more interesting.

10. Serena Williams

Tennis star and all-around female role model, Serena Williams may have lost the 2018 U.S. Open, but she’s a winner in our hearts for all that she represents. Borrow a tennis racket from a friend, and look for a tennis skirt and Nike T-shirt or tank top at a second-hand store. Then throw on your comfy work out sneakers and you’re ready to go.

11. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Head to your local thrift store or maybe even your mom’s closet in search of a budget-friendly pantsuit because nothing screams female empowerment like a Hillary Clinton costume. From First Lady and presidential candidate to author, mother and all-around role model, we’re all about that #PantsuitNation this Halloween.

12. Gabrielle Union

Actress, activist, author and fashion designer Gabrielle Union is one woman who truly does it all with grace and dignity. In order to pull this costume off, pick up one of her dresses on sale at New York and Company, and carry a copy of her book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True.”


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