Daily Fit 07/26/2019: Carb-loading: fact or fiction?

does carb-loading work?

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Eating carbs before an endurance workout can give you stable energy to help you crush it.

Carb-Loading Benefits

How can you crack the code to pre-workout carb-loading? The Journal of Applied Physiology has found that consuming 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight can give you boosted and sustained energy during a 90-minute workout. Carbs can prevent you from crashing during an endurance workout — think a long jog or an intense cycling session.

The Caveat To Carb-Loading

Yes, there’s fact to this fitness practice, but take note of a few disclaimers before you pour that heaping bowl of oatmeal. If you’re planning on spending less than 90 minutes in the gym, you don’t need to carb-load before getting your sweat on. Listen to your body, if two slices of toast and a banana feel excessive before your workout, no need to carb yourself silly. [Born Fitness]

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