5 Products That Are Perfectly Tailored To Your DNA

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In the wonderful world of shopping, things are getting really personal. As soon as DNA-testing services like Ancestry and 23andMe took off, a bunch of brands decided to integrate similar technologies with the products they create. The result? Everything you could possibly imagine customized for your specific genes. From personalized hair care to the exact skin regimen your face wants to the particular types of wine your taste buds will love, these companies are doing it all in the name of DNA pairing. This is the future, friends, and it’s pretty damn cool.

1. Prose


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Gone are the days of reading the backs of every shampoo bottle you can find to determine whether it will truly leave your hair silky soft, frizz-free and full of all the volume you could possibly desire. Instead, you can opt for 100-percent customized hair care.

With Prose, you book an online or in-person consultation with an expert stylist to determine your exact hair and scalp needs. Then, they take into account your fragrance preferences and ingredient sensitivities. Finally, they custom-blend your hair care products and ship them right to your door. Starting at $25, it sounds like a great guarantee against future bad hair days.


The goal behind this customized skincare brand, which was developed by Dr. Ruthie Harper, is to put an end to all the guesswork you do when searching for the products your skin will love. All you have to do is order the cheek swab-style DNA kit, mail it back to the lab at SKINSHIFT and wait to receive your personalized skin report that reveals both your skin’s strengths and weaknesses and provides a unique product regimen that suits your needs. From there, SKINSHIFT mails all the serums and supplements directly to you. (Prices vary by the products you decide to order.)

3. LifeDNA


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If you’re ready to overhaul your personal health and wellness entirely, start by checking out LifeDNA. The company is all about tapping into personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle information to help your body and mind operate at their highest levels. You take a 60-second DNA test that analyzes more than 100 sections of your genetic code to determine if you’re at risk for things like a slow metabolism, low energy levels, difficulty focusing, heart health, blood sugar levels, obesity, poor cognition and more. Then an expert will walk you through the results during a consultation phone call and guide you in using the new information.

LifeDNA also holds you accountable. The expert from your initial consultation keeps track of your progress each month to personalize and tailor your experience. They also share a report with you that includes recommendations for your diet, exercise and nutrition based on your DNA. Finally, you receive three custom supplements designed to help you reach your optimal health. (You have to apply to this one, so prices are determined once you’re accepted.)

4. DNAFit

DNAFit conveniently syncs with all 23andMe DNA reporting to give you detailed, personalized nutrition plans and customized tips for optimizing your workouts. So if you’ve already taken that first step into the world of DNA analysis, you don’t have to start from scratch here. Instead, simply share your report with them and they’ll tell you about your optimal diet and macronutrient responses, personalized nutrition needs, food sensitivities and intolerances, optimal exercise responses and injury and recovery profiles. Then, the DNAFit experts will offer you meal and training plans, and personalized health coaching based on all of that data to help you reach your goals.

You have two plans to choose from — the nutrition component only for $100 or both the nutrition and fitness elements for $120. Those prices are reduced for customers who have already taken a 23andMe DNA test and, if you’re lucky, you just might be able to snag them on sale!

5. Vinome


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And then, when the day is done, you can kick back with a glass of vino that you’re guaranteed to love because your DNA says so. That’s right — Vinome pairs you with the perfect bottles of wine based on a quick sample of your genetic code. (Your DNA affects your senses of taste and smell, which both impact your wine preferences.) The company then supplements your DNA test with a taste preferences quiz to customize your wine profile even further. Your results then reveal your primary wine flavor affinities and how you’re likely to respond to subtle flavor nuances. The DNA test costs $40, the Vinome wine preferences profile costs $30 and then you pay the winery direct price for any bottle of vino you choose to buy.

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