This Is How Much CBD Oil You Need In Order To See (And Feel) The Benefits

CBD oil dosage information

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At this point in the natural health game, we probably don’t have to try very hard to convince you that hemp-based cannabidiol is worth a try. Whether you want to eat it or lather yourself in lotion loaded with CBD oil, this component of the cannabis sativa plant can work wonders on everything from your chronic pain to your anxiety levels. But how much do you need in order to see (and feel) the benefits you’re hoping for?

If you’re new to the world of medicinal cannabis, it’s best to stick with the edible CBD oil drops that can be placed under your tongue and easily absorbed by your body. The pipette delivery system helps you establish a certain level of control over your dose compared to butters, foods and treats that make exact CBD oil consumption a little harder to map.

It’s also important to consider what ailment you’re using CBD oil for because serious, pre-existing pain requires a very different approach than stress and insomnia. So narrow in on why you’re giving it a try and which product you want to test first, and then consider the following dosage information.

CBD oil dosage information

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Start very very small.

Everyone reacts with different intensities to different levels of CBD oil, so it’s always a good idea to start with a tiny dose and work your way up from there. Using the drops you select, place 2.5 milligram’s worth of CBD oil under your tongue and give your body up to 30 minutes to process the effects. They’re supposed to be subtle — not mind-blowing since there’s no THC in these products. As you experiment with what feels right for you, slowly increase the daily dose to a maximum of 15 milligrams if you’re looking for general health benefits like decreased anxiety. If chronic pain management is more of your concern, you can go as high as 20 milligrams a day.

Time it right.

If you’re trying out CBD oil to help you cope with disordered sleep patterns, you’re probably going to need a higher dose and you’re going to want to take it in the evening as you wind down and get ready for bed (as opposed to first thing in the morning before rushing off to work). Some sources say you can take between 40 and 160 milligrams of CBD oil for insomnia-type problems, depending on the severity of your situation. So, again, start off slow and listen to your body as you play with higher doses.

Consult your doctor.

If that wide window of opportunity when it comes to the proper dose of CBD oil kind of freaks you out and you’re still worried about your ability to find that happy spot for you, seek some professional guidance. Hopefully, your doctor is open to this alternative medicine style and can help you figure out the right dose for your body weight and issues you’re trying to resolve. Who knows, you might end up with a dose that looks nothing like the numbers mentioned above. And that’s okay because only you can truly determine the right amount for you.

NOTE: CBD is not currently legal for purchase in all 50 states.