Soothe Sensitive Skin And Aching Muscles With These CBD Oil Products

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Taking care of yourself doesn’t just mean eating well and moving enough throughout the week. It also requires giving your body a little TLC when it needs it most. And let’s face it — we all deal with our fair share of muscle soreness and skin woes.

Luckily, there’s a new category of self-care out there that works wonders on everything from chronic pain to eczema, and it revolves around the ever-so-trendy CBD oil. This hemp-based oil is full of therapeutic cannabidiol compounds while lacking the THC component that results in the psychoactive high most people associate with the cannabis sativa plant. And when this oil is added to topical products, magic happens.

From bath bombs to lip balms, the CBD oil-infused products below could be just what you need to soothe aching muscles, remedy sensitive skin issues and help your body generally reset to a state of calm at the end of a long day. Even better, each of them comes in under the $40 mark, making them more affordable than most massage, facial or spa treatments out there. So sit back, relax and let these products heal you from the outside in.

Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve — $14

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This salve comes in a 0.5-ounce container and a larger 2-ounce container. The mini option is perfectly pocket-sized for traveling and will only run you $14. The blend of CBD oil, arnica, meadowsweet, calendula, elderflower, and rose petals helps to heal and condition overly dry, unhappy skin, as well as provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the area in need of relief. All you have to do is massage the salve directly on the skin where you’re experiencing discomfort.

De La Beuh Lavender Bath Bomb — $15

Lush has got nothin’ on these guys. California-based De La Beuh is all about bringing alternative bath products into your personal care routine with the help of CBD. And their hemp-loaded bath bombs are both beautiful and oh-so-soothing. For just $15, you can take probably what will be the most relaxing and healing bath of your life. The aromatherapy benefits of lavender pair with the pain-relieving benefits of CBD oil in the best of ways.

im·bue™ em·body Premium CBD Peppermint Lip Balm — $17.75

This little tin is packed with natural ingredients, including premium CBD oil extract, grapeseed oil and beeswax, to bring chapped lips the perfect amount of moisture and some serious healing power. (It’s especially helpful in the winter months when the frigid, dry temps and winds leave your lips perpetually cracked and painful.) If you ask us, this lip balm is every outdoor adventurer’s new BFF.

Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm — $29.99

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This 4-ounce tube of lotion will rescue you from all of your skin discomforts, thanks to its 100 percent plant-based formula and potent, super absorbable CBD oil content. And because it’s safe for all skin types, it can serve as an all-around moisturizer. Even tired, dull skill will appreciate its hydrating, CBD-loaded boost, leaving it more vibrant and youthful than before.

CBD Living Freeze — $30

This roll-on, cold-therapy CBD stick is the best natural alternative to IcyHot and Bengay we’ve ever seen. The application makes it easy to target the area experiencing pain, and the chilly wave of relief sets in pretty much instantly. The 3-ounce bottle will get you through countless neck and backaches related to those long hours logged in your desk chair, and it can even help sore joints after serious workouts.

Receptra™ Body Butter — $39

Everybody needs an indulgent body butter in their self-care arsenal, and this 4-ounce jar from Receptra certainly checks all the boxes for us. It’s loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamin E to help your skin find relief from irritation, minor blemishes and even bruises. And don’t forget its therapeutic punch of CBD, coming in at 400+ milligrams per container. We think we’ve discovered the fountain of youth in this cream, and it smells like a lovely blend of jasmine and camphor.

Ambary Gardens Soothing Soak — $40

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Okay, these CBD-infused bath salts come it right at $40, not just below it, but we think they’re totally worth that extra dollar. The jar is scented with tranquil lavender and soothing sage essential oils, and the magnesium flakes (which are stronger than Epsom salts in their detoxifying abilities), pink Himalayan salt, arnica and CBD extract make a bath drawn with a spoonful of this stuff truly therapeutic. Your skin distress, muscle tension and mental anxiety will melt away within minutes.

NOTE: CBD is not currently legal for purchase in all 50 states.