You Can Save More Than You Think Buying Used Stuff

buying used

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Instead of dishing out a lot of dough on a brand new pair of heels every year, why not save a little money and buy a used pair? That might sound like common sense, but it’s amazing how many people opt for a store in the mall rather than eBay when shopping for something they need. The same thing goes for a lot of other items, some of which you may have never even considered. Buying used rather than new could save you a lot of money — here’s exactly how much.

Clothes and Shoes

Not only can you save a lot of money on regular clothes by shopping at a thrift store or sites like ThredUp, but you might also even find a bargain on something worth a lot of money. Designer clothing is often heavily discounted on sites like eBay, The Real Real, Tradesy and even Rent The Runway. You could save up to 50 percent on a pair of flats for commuting, 70 percent on a #boss dress for that big board meeting or even 80 percent off a Chanel trench coat for the chilly season.


A killer purse can do a lot for a woman. Not only will it be the perfect work bag, but it’ll hold everything she needs to go from day to night in an instant. If you don’t believe you can afford a chic, designer handbag, think again. Websites like Rebag and Yoogi’s Closet offer bags by designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci and more, as low as 70 percent off the original price. There’s even a section of the site for bags under $750, many of which are half that price, which might be better for your budget.

Tech Gadgets

buying used tech gadgets

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Apple announces new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more almost every year, which can be tough to keep up with. If you love having new gadgets in your hand but can’t pay the price as soon as they’re announced, consider opting for a slightly older used version. Sites like Gazelle, eBay and even Facebook Marketplace offer tech gadgets that are heavily discounted. You could end up getting an iPad Pro or Galaxy Note for up to 40 percent off what it retailed for just months ago.


Bikes are becoming pretty popular modes of transportation for getting to and from work. If you’re tired of spending money on your city’s bike share program (some can cost up to a few hundred dollars per year), it might be time to invest in a bike of your own. Skip the shop with the new shiny rides, and opt for a used bike that’s still in great condition. Sites like OfferUp and even Craigslist can offer bikes at discounted prices up to — wait for it — 100 percent off. Yup! Some people just want to give away their bikes for free. Will you take it off their hands?


Garage and yard sales are great for finding unique coffee or end tables at affordable prices, but there are other places to look for furniture. Consider sites like AptDeco or Furnishare, where you could save up to 90 percent on everything you need to furnish your home. From couches and mattresses to desk and chairs, you could save a pretty penny buying used.


buying used car


According to Carfax, a new car will lose up to 60 percent of its value within the first five years. That’s a big difference, especially in price for what you paid for it and what the new owner might pay for it in a few years. Instead, consider buying a used car that’s already 60 percent off the original price. It might be five years old, but it could save you thousands of dollars. Companies and sites like TrueCar, Autotrader, Vroom and eBay Motors (yup, ICYMI, eBay sells cars now) are reputable and trusted places to find cars and save thousands of dollars.

Gift Cards

Whether you need a gift for a friend’s housewarming gift or a last-minute present for your parent during the holiday season, gift cards are always a great option. But did you know you can get them for less than full-price? Websites like Cardpool, Raise, CardCash and Gift Card Granny sell gift cards for up to 25 percent off the original price. People can sell gift cards they no longer want and have never used and you can buy them at less than the regular sale price.

Before you even think about buying something new, do your research and see how much you could save by buying the same item used. Over time, it’ll add up and help you stash more cash away for your future.


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