The Bolivian Salt Flats Are The Prettiest Natural Optical Illusion Around

bolivian salt flats

Unsplash/Pierre Ricadat

The Bolivian Salt Flats, or Salar de Unuyi in Spanish, are one of the most popular sights in the country, due to the landscape’s completely unique appearance. Honestly, the place is a photographer’s dream. Here’s why.

They’re the biggest salt flats in the world.

They cover more than 4,050 square miles.

There are two seasons for visiting the Salt Flats.

The wet season and the dry season make for very different photo effects.

The dry season means stark landscapes.

But the dry months of May to November also mean more access to deeper wilderness.

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The wet season creates a giant mirror effect.

From December to April, the Salt Flats are covered with water, making it a huge reflective pool.

Either season comes with out-of-this-world views.

You’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the earth.

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IRL, it’s a little more crowded.

There are a lot of people exploring the salt flats at any given time. Sadly, it’s not just you and the giant mirror.

Many travelers take some seriously magical photos.

Awe-strikingly gorgeous and inspirational.

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But more people choose to get silly with it.

And play with reflections and perspectives.

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People get up to some crazy photo hijinks.

With the long expanses of open land, you can be pretty creative.

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Like, they really commit.

It’s kind of a given that you’re going to take at least one gimmicky pic before leaving.

The photos on Instagram are WILD.

There’s no limit to the absurdity.

The most popular launching point for tours is Uyuni.

Travelers often fly into La Paz and book tours to Uyuni and the Salt Flats from there.

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Many tours come with the option to bring a photographer.

So you can take photos worthy of your wildest dreams.


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