This Is The Best Cocktail For Your Personality

best types of cocktails

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We all need a go-to cocktail. Whether you’re a beer drinker, wine drinker or you go straight for the hard stuff, there’s always that go-to cocktail that rolls off your tongue when you’re looking to get a serious buzz on. Here’s the best cocktail for your personality.

1. The Indecisive One — Whiskey Sour

For the drinker who can’t decide, the whiskey sour might be the best drink for you. You’ll have a ton of different flavors going on at once between the lemon juice, sugar, egg white, lemon rind, maraschino cherry and sometimes a sugared rim. When you can’t decide between sour and sweet, this is the perfect drink for the job.

2. The Experienced One — Vodka Soda

There are two kinds of people out there. You have the people who drink all of the sweet cocktails with no strategy for the inevitable hangover and you have the strategic drinkers who have a foolproof game plan. Those who go out on a fairly regular basis usually go with a vodka soda. It’s reliable, half watered down with tonic water and the sugar content is basically as minimal as you can get.

The strategic party animal wants to get a heavy buzz on, but doesn’t want to consume a bunch of calories and sugar in the process. Someone who drinks on a regular basis knows how to order a cocktail that’ll minimize hangovers while getting the job done.

3. The Low-Key One — Negroni

best types of cocktails

Unsplash/Jenna Bollweg

You know the low-key friend. The one who casually sips on a cocktail in the corner while everyone else is running back and forth to the bar for more vodka sodas. The low key one can milk a Negroni for a whole happy hour. With one part gin, one part vermouth, one part Campari and a piece of orange peel, a Negroni is strong, bitter and not the easiest to gulp down. It’ll require some patience and somewhat of a sophisticated palate.

4. The Reliable One — Martini

A martini might be the simplest and most iconic of all of the cocktails. You always know what to expect with a martini. You know there’s vodka, dry vermouth and usually an olive or a twist of lemon. Since a martini isn’t that sweet, you always know how much of a buzz you’re getting. Plus, you can always count on a martini being on the menu.

5. The Bold One — Dark and Stormy

best types of cocktails

Unsplash/Jenna Bollweg

The ballsy one of the group goes for the dark and stormy. With dark rum, ginger beer and a slice of lime, a dark and stormy is strong, spicy and tangy in a classic highball glass. You know what you like if a dark and stormy is your usual go-to.

6. The Anxious One — Champagne Cocktail

The anxious friend sticks with a champagne cocktail. This is the friend who might be afraid of getting out of control and decides to play it safe with something light and bubbly.

7. The Sweet One — Piña Colada

The sweet one in the group usually goes for the piña colada. This is the friend whose brain is always at a tiki bar. The sweet one wants the alcohol to be completely overpowered by all of the other flavors. Piña colada lovers basically want a tropical milkshake with a hint of booze. The piña colada friend is usually on a mission to have a fun casual night (with a guaranteed hangover).

8. The Mysterious One — Gimlet

best types of cocktails

Unsplash/Vitchakorn Koonyosying

That friend who shows up for an hour or so, gets one cocktail and pulls an Irish exit might go for a gimlet. The combination of gin, lime juice and soda is an acquired taste not everyone flocks too. It’s easy to drink, but still strong enough to give you a buzz.

9. The Spunky One — Sazerac

For someone who wants a little spunk, a Sazerac is usually a combination of rye whiskey, sugar and bitters in an absinthe-rinsed glass. It’s served with a little bit of ice and a lemon twist. You’ll get the sweet, the spicy and the herbal, all in one. Expect licorice notes with a Sazerac.

Whatever your cocktail preference might be, your drink of choice might say more about you than you think.


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