Here Are The Best Spas In America For A Cleanse

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Relaxation is something that’s hard to define. Most of us strive to be relaxed at some point during the day or week in order to keep our sanity. In a world where technology takes over almost every aspect of our lives, the real challenge is allowing your brain and your body the time to truly disconnect, unwind and recharge. Whether you’re in the middle of a dramatic life change, looking for a romantic getaway or you just genuinely need a few days off from life, there are a ton of amazing spas around the country where your sanity and wellness are their main priorities. Here are the best spas around the country for a cleanse. Time to treat yo self!

New Life Hiking Spa (Killington, Vermont)

Jimmy LeSage — the founder and director of New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont — has been giving meaning to the phrase “take a hike” since 1978, when the idea of a hiking spa came to fruition. LeSage studied nutrition at Harvard University and has studied a wide range of bodywork treatments in alternative medicine like rolfing (a series of ten hands-on physical manipulation sessions), acupuncture and polarity (a treatment intended to restore a balanced distribution of the body’s energy). The whole concept of the New Life Hiking Spa is to be physically active in the beautiful green Vermont mountains through the hiking program. You can focus on weight loss and learn about wellness education with a healthy and natural approach to diet and cuisine. Through eating the freshest meals you’ll rid your body of unwanted impurities and toxins. Open from mid-May through October, the Killington retreat offers spa services like massages and reflexology, an area of alternative medicine that involves applying pressure to your hands and feet with specific techniques. It’s all about the big picture here.

Canyon Ranch (Multiple Locations)

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The original Canyon Ranch, an award-winning holistic health spa and wellness center, opened in 1979. The main location is on a 150-acre desert oasis in Tucson, Arizona, at the base of Arizona’s Santa Catalina mountains. The founders, husband-and-wife team Mel and Enid Zuckerman, aim to inspire and empower people to live healthier lifestyles with an integrative approach to wellness that focuses on the body, mind and spirit. Canyon Ranch is regarded by many as the gold standard of healthy vacations with other locations in Massachusetts, Turkey, Las Vegas and on a few cruise ships. There’s a 62,000-square-foot spa complex that includes a yoga/meditation dome, herbal and hydro-massage rooms and a health and healing center where you can ask for advice from physicians, dietitians, psychologists and therapists. At “the heart of Canyon Ranch” is the life enhancement center where you can take charge of your lifestyle changes with a fully holistic approach.

Omni La Costa Resort And Spa (Carlsbad, California)

The Chopra Center, located at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, was founded by the spiritual guru and alternative medicine maven Deepak Chopra M.D. and David Simon, M.D. This center for wellbeing in southern California provides guests with a nurturing place to “heal their physical pain, find emotional freedom, empower themselves and connect to their inner spiritual life.” The resort is Spanish colonial-style and six miles away from Moonlight Beach. The landscape around the resort is lush with coastal breezes and a lot of sunshine. You’ll find ayurvedic massage treatments, based on one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, plus yoga classes, meditation and detox programs.

Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California)

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Right on a cliff, 1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, is an upscale rustic-chic hotel in Big Sur, California. The award-winning Post Ranch Inn is an escape from the modern world. It’s ideal for a romantic getaway and for rejuvenation. The natural design of the boutique hotel embraces the coastal beauty of Big Sur and there’s no way you can top the panoramic ocean and mountain views. All of the lodging is built from sustainable materials and the landscaping uses native plants. You can wake up each morning in a tree house, each built on nine-foot-tall stilts, each complete with a wood-burning fireplace, a skylight for star-gazing from bed and a private deck with mountain views. The resort uses a biodegradable cleaning system and the property is home to endangered species like the California Red-Legged Frog and Smith’s Blue Butterfly. Post Ranch’s goal is to provide guests with a luxurious experience while naturally molding into the environment. You can fully disconnect from technology with TV-free rooms, yoga, meditation and cliff-top infinity pools.

Hidden Pond Maine (Kennebunkport, Maine)

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Since Kennebunkport, Maine, is already amazing because of this beauty of a lobster roll, it’s only fitting it would have one of the top luxury resorts in the country. Hidden Pond is a collection of secluded luxury-style cottages situated on a 60-acre Kennebunkport property. The 20 one-room bungalows and 16 two-bedroom cottages are surrounded by outdoor space and a birch forest. Each cottage has kitchens, cozy porches and gas fireplaces for brisk nights. In case you wanted spa treatments, there’s the Tree Spa with three treatment rooms perched eight-feet-high in tree houses. The restaurant on the property, Earth, is a collaboration with James Beard Award-winning chef Ken Oringer where he focuses on farm-to-table cuisine with fresh and locally sourced seafood and meat. You can leisurely pick vegetables from an organic farm on the resort’s property and in the morning, expect fresh-baked pastries outside your door. The New England aesthetic is cozy, charming and the perfect weekend escape.

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa (Vista, California)

Modeled after a French countryside village, Cal-a-Vie is a picturesque luxury resort and spa in Vista, California. There’s a tomato-based energy drink, the Revitalizer, that’s served mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which guests rave about. The day usually starts at 6am with a walk and then you can choose between activities like hiking, golf, tennis, fitness classes, t’ai chi and yoga. There are also treatments ranging from aromatherapy and facials to scalp treatments and reflexology. One of the coolest treatments, magnetic therapy, involves positive and negative magnetic pads that are applied using a soothing pressure to certain problem areas like sore muscles. The property has an old stone windmill, rolling fields and herbaceous gardens. Go for the bamboo massage, eat cuisine prepared by a health-conscious chef and speak to an on-site nutritionist about improving your lifestyle.