These Drinks Are Making It Easier Than Ever To Stay Hydrated And Energized

best products for hydration


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Hydration seems like a pretty basic component of human existence, yet the bulk of us walk around day after day seriously lacking it. And when winter strikes, we end up especially parched due to how the frigid, dry climate sucks all of the moisture out of our skin. And then that dehydration drains us of all energy as well, perpetuating a downward spiral.

So instead of just trying to force yourself to drink more water (it just tastes kind of blah some days), lean into beverages that can help you both hydrate and energize at the same time. Below is a handful of our favorite picks this year that meet all of our body’s needs and leave our taste buds feeling oh-so-happy.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water

best water products


Boxed water gets a spa-like upgrade here. Flow is sustainably sourced, naturally alkaline spring water from Ontario, Canada that’s packaged in recyclable paperboard. The local limestone aquifer enriches the water with minerals that give it a pH level of 8.1, keeping your digestive system’s acids in proper balance and supporting your overall immunity. Flow now comes in refreshing flavor combinations like strawberry and rose, watermelon and lime, lemon and ginger, and cucumber and mint. Each one is as delicious as the next.


best products for hydration


Synapse is a great pick for people who struggle with caffeine sensitivities. It uses a blend of nootropics, compounds known for increasing brain function, to help enhance your ability to focus while you hydrate and up your electrolytes. And because it skips the caffeine, which has a natural diuretic effect, your body can better maintain its hydration levels, too. Void of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, you really can’t go wrong with this beverage.

HyVIDA Hydrogen Infused Sparkling Water

best products for hydrating


Before HyVIDA, we had tried sparkling water and we had tried hydrogen infused water, but we never experienced these refreshing forms of hydration at the same time. Hydrogen helps boost cell metabolism while a small dose of magnesium helps to balance your energy levels. HyVIDA comes in lemon-lime, raspberry and original flavors, so there’s an option for everyone and every craving. Watch out, La Croix. You’ve got some competition.

FORTO Coffee Shots

best water products


We love coffee as much as the next person, both for its flavor and its ability to bring us to life after a rough night of sleep. But downing a 16-ounce drip coffee often leaves us more dehydrated than we were before drinking it due to the coffee bean’s strong diuretic effect. These mini coffee shots from FORTO, on the other hand, give you the jolt and flavor you crave in just 2 ounces without sending you rushing for the nearest restroom. Plus, just look at how cute they are!

Honest Tea

best products for hydration

Honest Tea

Honest Tea isn’t a new brand on the market, but it did recently revamp its line of organic, glass-bottled teas, and we’re all about the three new flavors: “just” green tea, Moroccan mint green tea and lemon grove maple black tea. You get an energizing kick from a little bit of caffeine, avoid the sugar rush that comes with a lot of other bottled teas on shelves today and the reassurance that the tea leaves used for brewing were grown and harvested in sustainable ways.

Happy hydrating!

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